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  1. 30,000 colours???? bloody hell. do you think they do Mr. Blobby coloured??

    p.s. Mr. Blobby is pink with yellow spots<!-- Signature -->
  2. Re: colours??????

    that's not a typo, they used an state of the art car painting system developed by Dupont. It's called "Rainberia" and this is the first use of it. You can customize the color yourself, and it produces it. But this isn't like what they do at home depot, it doesn't just mix the paint, it's actually capable of producing 30,000 colors. Quite amazing.
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  3. Re: colours??????

    thats quite the feat . . . but so is 40 different leather colors!! man that will be cool. . . .i think they should purposely never build two of them the same. . . that would be a pretty cool thing to be able to boast about. . . <!-- Signature -->
  4. Re: colours??????

    Hell Yes!!! That'd be the sh!t. I don't know what color I'd make mine if I had the money to spend. It would be cool though.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Re: colours??????

    hmm yeah im sure it is. . though that is a little strange. . . o_O orange and red??

    the only problem would be deciding on the orange. . .there is probably about 500 shades. . . <!-- Signature -->

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