come to the U.S.A.

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    I agree
  2. Who all agrees that the normal mondeo should come to america either as a mercury or a ford to fill the contour space and have the st concept be an svt model. Am I the only one who thinks that this would be a good idea?<!-- Signature -->
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    The last contour I believe was a Mondeo wearing a new badge, so if you are patient and ask nicely you may be in luck, As for me I would have one, I currently own a 1994 Ford Telstar V6, basically a rebadged Mazda 626 witha new face, this car is the best I have owned so far, it is smooth quiet and Grunty and best of all it doesn't look like anything to really write home about, scares the living hell outta the Boy Racers <IMG SRC="">
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    the contour was basically a mondeo anyway
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    Contour was the Mondeo. I used to own one, very nice little car. But Ford really screws up when they bring the european cars to the US. When they have to change the metric systems into english, it messes some things up, and sorry to say, when they are built in America, the quaity goes down. Focus is suffering terribly from this right now just like the Contour did. In europe, the Focus and Mondeo are awsome cars, in the US, they're full of bugs! Ford is planning to bring the Mondeo back however under the Mercury badge beacuse of alot of pressure, and in attempt to make Mercury more sporty. They didn't bring it the first time because its about the same size of the Taurus and they didn't want to get rid of it. Someone wasn't thinkin to stright...
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    a car with the Modeo platform is coming to the US.
    yes there is the X-Type...
    but the Mazda 6 MPS is much closer to the Mondeo, especially in looks.
    with a 2.3L DI turbo 4 cylinder engine, it provides 280HP of power, while still maintaining high emission standard.
    surely a nice job by ford in that model.
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    But the Mazda 6 has the bigger 3.0 Ford Duratec.
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    I love the ford mondeo. I live in canada, and cosidering the success of the last Mondeo's here[Contour/Mystique] I don't think Ford will import them anytime soon, Just because[Most] Fat americans don't like them because it isn't 200 feet long and 7900 pounds or 40 stories high.
    This car is [sadly] underappriciated in the states. It's such a shame that more North Americans won't give this excellent machine the time of day. They would rather drive SUV's.

    *in case you were wondering, No, I don't hate american cars.
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    good idea turbo power.
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    The 2005 Focus looks like it, heres a pic.

    Downside, its only going to be available with a max of the 2.3L duratec engine, at ~150HP.
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    Um, that's quite a broad generalization, We own a contour, and don't underappriciate it, we picked it out specifically, the 2.5, auto, white/dark blue its a damn nice car, its too bad they dumped it in the states, i've been wanting the new 3.0 but i guess it's not going to be brought to the states

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