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  1. Out of these three "people's favorite" import sports cars which one do you think is best and why.

    Supra, Skyline, or Rx-7
  2. without question i would take a 93 RX-7 over the others. the power band that a RX-7 can make is much better then the others. if you have a skyline, any parts that you need (ie. water pump, power steering and such) have to come from japan, which costs alot for shipping. plus a skyline R34 is 90K. you can pick up a 93 Rx-7 for around 15 that is in very good condition and go to town. Rx-7's can out handle the supras, and depending on the drivers, possibly the skyline as well.
  3. As much as I love the Supra, I would go with the Skyline GT-R. It's more fun to drive. The G-meter, the fact it has technology oozing out of every pore, the tough and easily tuneable RB engine, it's the car for me. If not the Skyline, the Supra.
  4. i would have to go for the skyline. the skyline has more prestige than the other cars if you ask me. the supra engine just doesnt have the same spark that the skyline engine does and getting really high horsepowers on the stock rx-7 engine is going to be harder than the skylines.
  5. People love the Supra because it can be tunned to over 1000hp just like the Skyline. The RX7 is the only that i see that people like it when it doesnt even have a K&N filter.
  6. I like supras, and skylines, and i know they can be 1000+ hp, but what about the rx7 (i havent looked), whats the max anyone has ever tuned that car?
  7. Don't know if there is a "max" HP, but I do know that this car has been tuned to freakishly high levels.
  8. Possibly the Skyline can handle as well as the RX-7? I think the Skyline has the upper hand when it comes to handling. The car has a G-meter for christ sakes.
  9. i would choose most likly a skiline but thats my opinion
  10. For me it would be a Skyline then Supra and then RX-7 because the first two have much more tunning potential and the RX-7 handle better in stock compared to the other two the right suspension set ups they can all be made to handle well. As for the RX-7 max bhp there is one here in england that i am avaliable which is a 750 bhp which has a single turbo conversion and some crazy cooling system. The problem with the engine is that not that many tunners no how to get the huge power figures out of the engine with out causing major reliability issues thats why there arent to many of them, but as far as i know 750 is about theh max.
  11. Skyline, Rx-7, then supra.
  12. Ive read an article on a 1000hp TT RX-7 but i dont remember who tuned it!!! Anyway i would choose the Skyline over the Supra and RX-7 mainly because of the ATTESA AWD. Best AWD system in the world!!! Also the Skyline is more refined and i think the AWD gives it the edge handling wise. Wat if we added the NSX to the mix?!?
  13. Dude, I know of an R33 that revs to 13,500 rpm.
  14. I'll take the Skyline all the way.
  15. A stock Camaro SS or a Firebird SW6 could take any stock Impreza, EVO, RX-7, Supra and Skyline.
  16. The Rx-7 has the most potenial but brakes down to easy. the supra is to nutrual in it powerplant so it would be the skyline because of the all wheel drive system that it has which is different than any other system.
  17. The stock Camaro SS and Firebird WS6 are the exact same car first off and I want to see what they run at the Nurburg Ring then you can compare them to the Skyline until then please keep it between the cars listed... Now I think I would take the Supra, they do handle well although there is some body roll you can tune that out of a Supra with ease also you can get monsterous horsepower figures out of a Supra (as well as a Skyline) and you can also get the Supra to handle extremely well and I like the swoopy lines of the Supra better although the front end would have to be changed it's too happy looking
  18. i bet that 80% of the people hear have never seen this car at all..and all these huge perfomace specs with large hp gains are stupid 1000 horses off that engine??? with stock trans thats just stuiped. Import Tunner is full of lies... so tell me what you did to that car in one page please to get those gains.i use to work in japan hardly anyone drives this car sorry kids it anit like the movies over there walk or take the train...and besides why would you spend 70gs on this anyway? buy a Used Vette or Viper instead all the girls think they look better anyway and besides a Viper and a Vette are way faster anyway... have 20 extra Gs to boot on what ever....i bet if you were in a skyline and you saw a ZO6 of Viper comeing you'd run with you tail between you legs wouldn't you??? your gonna need the head start.....
  19. you probably won't see a supra or a skyline run from anything with "it's tail between it's legs". The fact is. Even if one were to lose a race to a Corvette or Viper (both which I love by the way) the fact still remains that it's still an extremely formidable car. Nobody would ever be ashamed of either. Keep in mind a Skyline holds the unoficial lap record for ANY production car at Nurburgring. Personally I'd take the Skyline, then the Supra, then the RX-7. Not surprising seeing as how I own a 240SX with a Skyline engine and a MKIII Toyota Supra. But I've also owned 2 '85 RX-7's and although they were slow back in the day, I did love them.

    P.S.I've seen TONS of Skylines, 4th Gen Supras, and FD RX-7s at Nissan, Supra, and other car meets and I can assure you they can just about ALL hang with almost any car on the road...that includes the Z06 and the Viper.
  20. I hope you meant Firebird...(W)S6, but really if you think about it, the Camaro SS and the Firebird WS6 are really one in the same machine, its just that the Firebird is a Camaro with pop-up headlights from Pontiac, that's it. Secondly, the Nissan Skyline around Nordschliefe, back in 1989-1998 it was the fastest production vehicle on the 'ring. But don't single one or more vehicles out. All have there flaws/drawbacks, for one thing you have to replace the 2" apex rods themselves (with 3" apex rods), in the 13B REW rotory engine if your making ANYTHING north of 550bhp. Also, the RB26s oil pump would need too be replaced with a unit costing $1K, if your making anywhere of 650-1200bhp. Sorry for no knowledge of weaknesses on the JZA80 Supras.

    Now as to regards to the Impreza and Evo. The STI form of the Impreza would seem to handle its own aganist both of GMs F-bodies, plus the MR form of the Evo would be the same as well. That's closer than one MIGHT think. But again, just because there using so-called, "wimpy" Inline-4, Inline-6 or the V-6 engines, doesn't mean there not going too be impressive to forced induction mods. Hell look at Americas Sport Compacts like the Saturn Sky Redline, Pontiac Solstice GXP, Dodge Neon SRT-4 and Chevorlet Cobalt SS Turbocharged. There engines range from 2.0L-2.4L (the 2.0L Turbo is in the Cobalt SS, Solstice GXP, Sky Redline. While the 2.4L Turbo is in the Neon SRT-4). Oh, btw...Which are making 236bhp (2.4L) and 260bhp (2.0L) respectively.

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