Compression and combustion chamber volume

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  1. Currently I'm running a 58cc L98 vette head on my 350. The pistons have 2 valve reliefs, 5cc in volume. Deck clearance is .025" I figured compression would be in the 10.5:1 range. I found some really nice Kenny Duttweiler Trick flow heads with a 64cc chamber, does anyone know a compression ratio formula, or without doing the math is there any way I can guesstimate, doesn't need to be exact but I want something above stock compression which is 9.3:1. Thanks
  2. Compression ratio = cylinder volume at BDC / cylinder volume at TDC


    CR = Displacement + cylinder volume at TDC / cylinder volume at TDC

    CR = (Displacement / cylinder volume at TDC) + 1
  3. head gasket thickness?
    head gasket bore?
    a composite one for iron to aluminum is .051 compressed, I used that for calcs

    original compression was exactly 10:1 with stats provided
    new compression with 64cc chamber would be 9.37:1

    if original compression was 10.5:1
    new compression would be 9.8:1


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