Computer problem, need help?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mystery, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. So I just changed my motherboard and processeur since my last processeur died. the thing is that when I power it up all seems working, all fans turn, mobo light is on, and hard disk seems to be turning, but nothing appears on the screen.
    The screen light stay on orange and never go to green...

    I have tried changing screen, but same problem with other screen and that screen is working on an other computer...

    Anyone has an idea other than cut/kill myself? lol
  2. Graphics card.
  3. tried another one and got same thing...
  4. Tried to put the graphic card in another slot?
  5. Does it have onboar graphics ?
    If so you might need to disable it before it will use the card.
  6. once, I cranked up the resolution on my system and it did that. I changed monitors and it worked.
  7. no onboard video card, tried changing the video card and didn't do a change and only one slot for video card...

    motherboard and processor are new
  8. Does your graphics card require power/have you plugged it into the power supply?
  9. The GRFX card died on my mom's comp a few months back. It started acting strange beforehand, tge colours going screwie and such, so I knew it was the card before it finally died completely..
  10. Test the video card in another computer if you can. If it works, RMA the mobo

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