Condescending food thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. if you own a slow cooker or a "crock pot", and enjoy using it, you are an asshole.
  2. I had to google it. Looks like a rice cooker. I own a couple of those.
  3. we have one, for stew mostly.
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  4. Asshole
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  5. I would like a slow cooker.
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  6. I want one of those sous vide sticks.

    I mean, I kind of want one. If I really wanted one I would have bought one already.
  7. People that say gelato instead of ice cream and they're not speaking Italian
  8. so I went to an Italian restaurant with an Italian friend, you know, typical Italian with wet hairs combed all the way back on his head.

    he couldn't even read the Italian menu
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  9. I don't enjoy using my crock pot, because the way I use it implies a poor work-life balance. But I do use the hell out of it during busy times at work, when I put something in, work for eight hours, come home to eat, and then go back to work. The time saved on prep/clean time has honestly saved me from some serious deadlines.
  10. People that think bruschetta is the fanciest shit ever are lame. It's just tomato and cheese on a piece of bread wtf
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  11. I think roast stew in a slow cooker is amazing.
    People that say BBQ doesn't need sauce can eat a dick. Sauce is a condiment. It's like saying only bad hit dogs need catsup.
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  12. crock pots are for stew and i dont like stew
    isnt that for serving at like orphanages and shit
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  13. My brother is the type of jackass that says "you can't make chili in less than 8 hours" because he thinks it gives him some sort of foodie cred, even though all he does is just dump cans of stuff and beef in his crock pot and go to work. This is the same guy who asked me how to cook a steak (simply, sear the shit out of it on cast iron and finish in oven), then decided to cook his bacon wrapped filet in a toaster oven "because it fits" then smother it in BBQ soss.

    He also thinks browning/searing meat is not good (maillard effect is nonsense basically)
  14. I have a crock pot and I use it all the time for good slow cooked roasts. Best way to cook a good bear roast.

    Actually slow cooked some coconut curry chicken last night.
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  15. I honestly hate most objects that I don't understand, and gf naturally has the kitchen full of that sort of shit. They take up lots of space. We have at least three things that might be rice/slow cookers.
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  16. Or simply garlic and some olive oil.
  17. Sounds like your brother deserves to get shot.
  19. I still think that carbonara with cream is blasphemy.
  20. Soft tacos with corn tortillas or you're a peasant.
  21. A rice cooker is the only thing i need
  23. Ha! This thread is awesome!
  24. It's not blasphemy, it's just not carbonara. It's Alfredo sauce.
  25. Why do you even talk to him about food? He's clearly lost at least a portion of his mind.

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