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  1. Thought this was funny because it's kinda true.
  2. what does the scroll over text say?
  3. Anybody who at least partially interesting is a snob at something. Only really dull and vacuous people wouldn't be a snob at anything, unless they are vehemently anti-snob, which in itself is a form of snobbery.
  4. I am a connoisseur of connoisseurs.
  6. im a gerbil connois

  7. Gerbil connoisseur?

    Not impressed.
  8. you can really tell the difference once you've spent some time to appreciate them.
  9. they appreciate me because i appreciate them
  10. im a connaisseurs connaisseur

  11. Humoure connoisseur over here
  12. your no turb0
  13. Humoure is my hobby, humoure is his life
  14. calling yourself a connoisseur in an area you recognize as being merely a hobby is an offense to actual connoisseurs like turb0, Chris Draper, hemistage, et al.
  15. what about Chris Baller?
  16. Paul is like a humoure judge or something
  17. So then how do I fare?
  18. I'll need to swish you around my mouth before I pass judgment.
  19. loling pretty hard over here guys
    giving this a goode humuore score
  20. humeure


    learn to spelle
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    im a chugging connoisseur

  22. Ya if you're some kins of #%$ or something
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  24. the ship captain and his horn were perfectly matched.
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    wait wtf how is the guitarist from Arkells chugging beer in south ontario if hes supposed to be performing in ottawa in ONE HOUR

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