Continental T or M5?

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    You're funny
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    I think you probably can tell the difference between $80K leather and $300K leather. And there's a very great deal more than that to the Bentley that the M5 doesn't have. For one thing (not a great selling point, but cool) the "T" has two horns. "Town" and "Country". Town is a modest toot, Country a foghorn-rivalling klaxon wail. Fun fun fun. As much of a fan of the M5 as I am (and I am a HUGE fan - definitely a car very solidly on my "to buy when I win lotto" list - but then so is this particular Bentley) I think I would take the Benters. No-one does anything as good as Bentley, really, when it comes to luxury performance. The M5 is an autobahn stormer. This thing is just the ultimate in aristocratic arrogant luxo-barge performance. I love it.

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    tmbggeek are you crazy?? the continental t is not comparable to the M5. Its comparable to Mercedes-benz s600 coupe only. They both are big and fast and expensive.
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    Some of you guys need a little help, in more ways then one I suspect. The M5 is a far better car, here is my reasoning: It's faster..undeniable. It's cheaper..undeniable. There is almost no difference in build quality, (It can go either way, but you can't tell me that one is built any bit better then the other regardless of if it is built by hand or not). As far as aesthetics go I like the M5 a lot more, but that is just my subjective opinion. The fact that the Bentley will crush most cars in an accident is not really something to use as proof of quality. It's a heavy car, if a heavier car hit a Bentley the Bentley would fall apart. Here is a bit of a conceptual argument: Your ass cannot tell the difference between the leather seats in an $80k car or a $300k car. What I mean by this is that a car can only be so comfortable. Seeing as the M5 is already an extremely comfortable and well reviewed car I find it hard to beleive that my ass will find a better place in the Bentley. When it comes to driving in general a car's ultimate quality is determined by it's ability to do simple things such as accelerate, hanldle well, brake well, and crusie smoothly. In all of these categories, excpet for perhaps the ride quality, the BMW clearly wins with undeniable fact. Lastly, the BMW costs piles less.
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    Cars won't get you women, but they get you hoes

    But alas, don't all women just want the $$$ ?

    The Bentley is cooler than the M5 because of the sheer mass. It's all about the amount of force you can propell down the highway.

    If you take a Bentley and fly it into the back of an m5 on the highway, the m5 will desintigrate.
    If you take a m5 and ram a Bentley, the m5 will desintigrate.

    And the Bentley has lots of aircraft aluminum.
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    While it's true BMW will own the Rolls Royce NAME in 2003, the Bentley name, Crewe Factory, RR&Bentley Dealerships and Current RR&Bentley designs will be owned 100% by the VAG (Volkswagen/Audi Group) so you can't say that you can't compair the two cars because they're owned by the same company because the aren't. I prefer the Continental T because BMW supplied Bentley with their own V8(as part of the RR deal) and it was slow and seriously under powered so VW quickly put the old RR V8 back in.<!-- Signature -->
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    M5 only because I can already get women. Maybe you guys need a car to get poon, but I don't need and wouldn't want a car to get me poon.

    Real playaz use their own class to get ass, not their car's class. <!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Analogic</i>
    <b>Yo Big Rob! I am quite familiar that I chose the Continental T over the Arnage for this comparison for a few reasons.

    #2: Since the Arnage is essentialy a Rolls, we can't match it up fairly to the BMW because BMW owns RR!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Um, no. BMW takes control in 2003, and still the Bentley Arnage is still as much a Bentley as the Continental. The Continental shares its engine and chassis with the Rolls-Royce Corniche, so does that make it not a true Bentley?<!-- Signature -->
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    Yo Big Rob! I am quite familiar that I chose the Continental T over the Arnage for this comparison for a few reasons.

    #1: The Arnage shares the Body with the Rolls-Royce Park Ward. The Continential is pure Bentley.

    #2: Since the Arnage is essentialy a Rolls, we can't match it up fairly to the BMW because BMW owns RR!

    #3: The M5 and the Continental T is two different expressions on what the ultimate mix of performance and luxury should be.

    One manufacturer decides the ultimate blend would be a Luxury sedan with an great emphasis on sport. The other Manufacturer decides on a True Sport Road machine with an mighty emphasis on luxury.

    To totally different aproaches for the same goal. Wich one does it better?

    Since going by what I read what I hear and pictures and magazines only to go buy I choose the Continental T! Why?

    5.7 seconds is good enough for me especially since they built the car to feel even more amazing than what the phisical numbers actually give you (Meaning, the M5 might do 4.8 sec but the Continetial T will definatly feel at least that fast. Aparently the car feels as powerfull as a Locomotive do to 650ft lbs torque @ 2100rpms)

    #2:The design of the Continental T is so much different from any other car on the road it's drastic, yet! The car still looks a Traditionaly unmistakably Bentley. The car looks old and brand new at once!

    #3:presence, the car damands you to look at it. In real life you can actually see the cars immense weight! If you were to give weight a profile it would look like the Bentley.

    #4:Customer satisfaction, What ever I want on my car it can be added before I buy it. The most customisable stock car ever.

    Although I might change my mind after I drive both cars, this is where I stand at the moment.<!-- Signature -->
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    The M5 is a sedan. The Continental is a coupe. If you REALLY want to compare an M5 to a Bentley, use the Arnage.<!-- Signature -->
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    ill second that... but you left one thing out, the poon factor. in an M5 (great car)its still a bimmer, but in a Bentley... well its a Friggin Bentley. were talkin copius amounts of beautiful women, if i had both cars, id drive this around, more class.
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    Before you choose your winner. I strongly suggest you go to the Bentley Site and see why Bentleys have the Highest customer satisfaction rate then any other car company ever!

    No one does what Bentley does. And if its similar, no one does it to the perfection Bentley does.

    Seriously. It's Totally unmatched.

    Read up this from Bentleys web site. Check out how much intense modifing and upgrading both interior, exterior, and performance is done before you buy it. (So it's still stock)! <!-- Signature -->
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    You could have some fun in an M5 (The M is for MotorSport) plus extreme luxury. Maybe it's not quite as nice as a Bentley, but It's certainly comparable. The Bentley is not nearly as close to a racing car as the M5 is. <!-- Signature -->
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    just compare em. K, the bentley is more luxury, and both are not comparable, but M5 is faster, has better acceleration, handling, more gears and so on and on and on....<!-- Signature -->
  16. Now I know the Price ragne is drastically different, but ask a Bentley fan what the Best car is, theyll say Continetal T. Ask a Bimmer Fan whats the best, Theyll say M5.

    I want to know from both groups of people wich one is the best truly!<!-- Signature -->
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    Dude I disagree with you. You will know the difference inside this car. And I am absolutly certian the Bentley is better built than the M5.

    You make staments about the cars ability to do things. But you only brought up performance. What about how things feel, how things look, how quite it is inside, space, comfort, egronomics. How about how the car makes you feel when your inside it!!!

    You miss all the important things that make up a Bentley! Bentley has never ever made a lemon! There customer service record is perfect.

    Bentleys are not about performance, (although they are extrodinary performers), there about how the car makes you feel. I have herd that these Bentleys make you feel like your driving the worlds fastest car, even if it's not.

    Look at the Acura RSX, everything about it performance wise says fun car, however I have read that the car lacks luster. On paper sure it's great, but driving it is fairly boring! Bentley cars to drive are supposed to be quite exhilarating!! And there obviously better to the touch and feel of the M5.

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    M5 is a tad more affordable...
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    where can u see the most rediculous threads? in bentley and lamborghini forums

    u can't compare two different cars, everyone knows taht bentley is the way better, that's why it costs that much

    if u ask someone who loves lexury cars, what's their dream car, it would deff be bentley
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    haha thats funny
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    m5 all the way

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