Cool garage

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by potentialmillionaire, Sep 17, 2004.

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  2. ...damn....must me be nice to have the money and cars
  3. dear lord, thats the garage of my dreams
  4. wow. .nice gt3
  5. I thought it was a kitchen at first.
  6. it would be my haven
  7. The GT3 looks so gorgeous in those pics
  8. Awesome garage, but he needs an arcade game that doesn't suck.
  9. great GT3, looks awesome with the RS spoiler
  10. Over the weekend I was in a garage with an S500, CLK430, and a Maserati Coupe in the driveway. My grandpa and uncle's cars.
  11. He should put GT3 in there to go next to the GT3. HA! OMG LOL
  12. needs more drop down outlets.. i didnt notice an pressurized air system.. hopfully its just hidden from view.. a dream garage should have a ventilated bodywork tent.

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