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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SuperSonic, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. What in essense is our most important purpose.
  2. I like polls
  4. Voted to mate

    Speaking of which, have you ever engaged in sexual intercourse, SuperSonic?
  5. With what exactly?
  6. What do you think
  7. Not of anything specific
  8. I like donuts. The sweet, tender dough they I like donuts
  9. V funny big nob
  10. Whoever voted other please tell us what you think
  11. I also think you like to cream fill the donuts ... and voted as such
  12. we know
  13. kroketten
  14. mate and rise a family
    if you don't you're useless to mother nature!
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  16. You still haven't answered which means it must be something embarrassing

    I #$%#ed a couch once, I bet you can't beat that
  17. To catch em all
  18. gotta love the gap between the cushions.
  19. I've got a mate that puts his fleshlight between his mattress and the base.
    At least he doesn't borrow someone elses I guess.
  20. I voted to mate, but really I should have chosen other. The first five are all done in accordance with our instinct of self preservation and propagation of the species. That seems to be the main drive.
  21. Someone should get him a realdoll or something...

    My excuse for this act is that I was like 12
  22. Wheelman was already dating multiple supermodels by that age

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