Cops be actin like movies

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    sweetest end to a chase ever. ever.

  2. driver deserved it
  3. Thank God it was a minority.
  4. That could have ended with the cop flying through the air, hitting something hard and dieing, or it could have ended the way it did, with the criminal dieing.

    I'm glad it was the latter.
  5. *suspect purposefully moves around police officer*
    *cop moves towards him*

    Cops in America are hyper sensitive concerning any possible threat to themselves, it gets irritating.
  6. Sounds like you're a bleeding heart liberal to me
  7. it seems to be a fight on youtube between bleeding heart liberals and the minorities vs smart people.
  8. lol i was thinking the same thing. driver got what was coming..but the ramming comment had me laughing
  9. why did the criminal try to run away?

    he shouldnt run away

    he'll get in trouble
  10. thats some mother#$%#ing G shit
  11. Mrrrrrgh, I was fine with the suspect getting blasted, because he was putting the cops life in danger. Not fine with cops over reacting to any disadvantage because you might be that .000001% of the population looking for a chance to kill them.
  13. I dont think he died because he could have killed a cop, im pretty sure he died for being a ignorant peice of shit
  14. He died for both those reasons. The suspect didn't understand that moving at 1 mph in those conditions was a deadly threat, the cop knew better and killed him.
  15. haha "trying to get some airtime here"
  16. bichaz be using his channel too much
  17. on the other hand, they also are generally very stand-offish about confronting or contacting some of these guys. like you watch the original friggin Gone in 60 Seconds, which is clearly over-the-top, almost Blues Brothers-esque, but they definitely used to respond that way in chases.

    then suspects and bystanders died, and they ended up being blamed, so their hands were forced. so in that sense, it's a net gain in terms of being hyper-sensitive (albeit to a different thing than what you're referring to)
  18. nor should they have to put up with much with their personal safety.

    "Comes with the territory" is not an acceptable reason for them to be risking their safety. Cops get paid shit to deal with shit.

    But yes, saying he tried to ram him was excessive.
  19. Yeah, seriously lol'd at that point. He didn't even come close to ramming him, nor did it seem like he intended to.

    As for how it all ended. If you have just been in a high speed pursuit and have a cop on the hood of your car with his gun drawn and pointed at you, just do what he says.
  20. that seems to be a pretty automatic violation they tack onto whatever else they're already leveling (like 'evading police'), if the suspect continues to try and evade when their paths even cross the cops'. probably excessive, but they try to sweeten that pot for everything they can.
  21. Thought #1 - I hate it when officers try blaming contact on the other driver (0:26).
    Thought #2 - Cops should aim for one of the front tires when ramming a car (numerous times).
    Thought #3 - The ending was terrible and I hope that officer was fired or suspended without pay.

    Also, that guy sucks at running from the police.
  22. STFU
  23. I'd agree that they shouldn't have to put up with any more danger to their lives than you or I. Having a dangerous job should also be an unacceptable reason for police to use force more excessively than anyone else. Lawful force is only lawful because of the moral justifications behind it.

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