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  1. Yea...
    I will be ashamed when I see that fiberglass body crack because of a small rock chip...
    I will be ashamed when I see those "truck used" leaf springs.
  2. It's too bad that have made it so that no one, no one at all cares even the the smallest amount about what your opinion on anything or anyone is.
  3. And your point is??
    Quote from ajzahn:
    "Fun is more than just a straight line! And, it should last for more than just a 1/4 mile!"
  4. SO did you vote for Bush???
  5. That your a f**king idiot.

    But we all knew that.

    The world cares about the NSX?
    They sure as hell didn’t show it with their wallets. Seeing as how a whooping 233 were sold in 2002. Maybe those 233 people care about the NSX, good for them. In fact NSX's sales nosed dived after the first year and got smaller and smaller every year after that.

    You want to brag about over revving, under performing, over rated cars?
    Than run back off your little JDM forum because nobody buys your brand of bullshit here.

    You want to talk shitty interiors?
    Then run back to your little Nissan forum and ask them why their G35 and 350Z look like they were built by Fisher Price with their acres of plastic and rattly dashboards.

    Nobody cares fanboy.
  6. Instead you would rather have a car that can't outperform the Corvette and is built with the integrity of a soda can, and not because it is aluminum, but because all Hondas are like that. You should be ashamed that you have a car much more technologically advanced, and yet even with that technology can't beat or even match the performance of the car with the "truck used" leaf springs.
  7. Fiberglas is much stronger than that. I've seen a corvette T-boned by a Lancer, and all it needed was a paintjob.
  8. A fiberglass body is less likly to crack then the plastic bumper used on other cars. Also fiberglass is much eaiser to repair then aluminum.

    Some trucks use torsion springs and F1 cars use torsion springs. Some trucks even use coil springs does that make coil springs bad.

    I would be ashamed when I drive a skyline and that "truck used" four wheel steering is used.
  9. They are about as likely to crack from a small rock chicp as the F1 is likely to break in half because of it.

    We aren't talking about the shitty ass fiberglass you rice boys use on your "high quality" JDM body kits.

    The fact you are such ignorant on the subject makes your opinion irrelevant..
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    Once again fanboy, NOBODY cares about the NSX except retards like you.
    Here’s a damn NSX forum and even NSX OWNERS and fans can’t believe such an outdated car is still in production with such dismal sales figures.

    The European members talk about how few are actually sold in their respective countries. Handful at best.

    You think Japan buys tons of these things? Hardly, in 1999 for example the Japanese bought a whooping 78 NSXs.

    Attached is graph of US sales of the NSX. You see you b*tch, whine and cry about it all you want but guess what? THE US IS THE BIGGEST BUYER OF THE NSX. That’s right JayDM fanboy, we buy MORE NSXs in the US than Japan and Europe COMBINED.

    A really funny thread on NSXPrime is one in which an NSX owner is selling his for a C6 Corvette. Several of the other NSX owners comment that they are looking into the car as well and the rest say it’s a good choice. ONE single use makes a comment about the C6 interior? Guess what? He doesn’t even OWN an NSX, he’s some riced out parking poser like you with an Integra, oh yeah, Integra, king of the sports cars.

    Face it, NOBODY except 200 people and ignorant fanboys like you care about the NSX
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    "Actually I am surprised that 151 person were so loyal to Honda and actually buy a 2004... not an easy expense to justify!"

    thats the best in that thread
  12. And so are the 360 and 911.
    SO your point is??
  13. "I would be ashamed when I drive a skyline and that "truck used" four wheel steering is used. "

    Do more study.
  14. But the Porsche and Ferrari can at least match the ZO6's performance, the NSX cant and the 7:56 times at the ring was because the car was not stock
  15. They both can't.
    Only the 360CS and 911 turbo got 7:56 on the Ring,
    Normal 360 and 911 doesn't and it still cost more than double or triple of the price...

    SO your point is?
  16. So are the 360M and 911?
    SO your point is?
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    And your shitty ass 89" 5.0 Mustang is what!?
    King of super cars?
  18. lets stop talking about the faults of the Porsche and Ferrari, its not winning you the argument because you are arguing about the NSX
  19. How many times are you going to ask me what my point is when it is obvious and has been stated that my point is, was, and will always be that the NSX is overpriced.
  20. If anyone needs to learn something it is you. You immeditly judge something soley because it used on trucks. You have no real argument against leaf springs. You just keep saying they are cheap, which they are not or that they are used on trucks. Well news flash there are many things that used on trucks that are used on sports cars. Is it bad to have a V-8, becuase trucks have V-8s?

    Maybe instead of making a stupid remark, you should actually try and use evidence to prove something. What was wrong with my statement? Both the Skyline and some GM trucks use four wheel steering.
  21. Hmm, Lamborghini must be quite rediculous being tractor maker and all....
  22. What does this thread have to do with politics? Furthermore it is none of your damn business who I voted for.
  23. way to be a total n00b and change the topic when everyone is kickin your ass
  24. yet you never answerd WHY it is overpriced.

    oh hey TDK so ignorant fanboys are the only ones that like the NSX eh? hmm so is Alex Zanardi, Steve Millen, Rod Millen etc. ignorant fanboys?

  25. yes the same went wtih the 2000GT and now, its one of the most sought after cars ever, and one of the most historic, the NSX will share the same.

    i wonder what these guys would say if it was a ferrari that was 90k and still had the same power etc as the NSX? dude its like totally awesoeme casue its a ferrari like for sure, the NSX is just a japanese over priced POS nothing special about it at all.

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