Corvette Z06 v Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by rabbitl1, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. actually i think i may have changed my mind. the z06 seems like more fun
  2. Z06 hands down.
  3. If they both had to be stock I'd feel much more at home in the Skyline. If I could tune then the Z06 all kinds of supercharged/turbocharged fun.
  4. I hope english is not your first language.. anyway to explain what i said.. Car Classes in My Mind: D-Class: Run of the mill, full production (civic, accord.. cav..), C-Class: Hightened over ROTM (Lancer Evo, Srt-4..), B-Class: Higher Performance production class (Skyline, Evo FQ-330+, RX-7), A-class: Higher Still (viper, 360) and above that would be a supercar..
  6. I wanted to say GTR at first because of how rare they are in these parts, but the Z06 in LeMans blue is just too hard to pass up.
  7. thats just stupid. If youre allowed to modify, the Z06 gets even a BIGGER advantage. ls7 is pretty much the ideal modding engine. Light, small, 7 liters. Way better than the skyline engine.
  8. Shutup, it's not JDM!
  9. Definitly Skyline, if nothing else, just for the exclusivity here in Colorado
  10. I'd rather have cancer than a modified car
  11. Why?
  12. Stock.. i'd go for the Z06.

    However if i had cash to do decent mods on either car, i'd go for the GTR(and give it to Mines). Comes down to personel preference.

    btw.. whats the weight difference between a stock rb26dett(incl all turbo charging components) and the C6 Z06 7.0L?
  13. 'Regular GTR'

    You nuts? Its a f*cking GTR!

    Anyway, GTR for me
  14. GTAhlo.

    Got rice?
  15. see yo six
  16. you call a 7L V8 small??

    And I was just thinking purely with aftermarket support. Yea I know there are Vette tuners, but still not as many as GTR tuners. And as I already stated, I would rather have a modified car over a factory supercar. How's that stupid?
  17. Z-tune > Z06 > GT-R.
  18. The LS7 is small. Not in displacement, obviously, but in overall size. The 7.0l LS7 is now bigger in exterior dimensions than the 6.0l LS2 that powers the standard Covettes, or the 5.7l LS1/LS6 from the C5 corvette for that matter. So it's a 7.0l engine that takes up the same space (and probably has less weight) than the 5.7l that preceded it.
  19. But straight sixes are fundamentally superior to V8s. Anyway, the RB26 has better hp/l so it must be better.
  20. i would love to say the GTR but.... who can argue with 500+ HP stock?

    the point of the matter is, they both are good preforming cars but the Z06 is just better. case closed. it competes with cars numerous times its price on the track [f430, gallardo, fordgt] the skyline, although good in its own right and once did the same, can no longer do this

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