Cosica: 1, 2 and 3

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  1. Panizzi first, Grönholm second and Burns third! This thing rocks!
    I think this year Peugeot is going to win the constructor's championship again!
    Also this car looks great.
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    Re: Cosica: 1, 2 and 3

    damn straight! this car ruled the championship right from the start.
    if you want more info on this car or the whole WRC go to
    or -

    it should work in the U.S but im not sure.

    this car looks great, performs great, has three great drivers behind the wheels, and if that isnt the combination for a win, then whot is??

    peugeot rules the whole damn rally!!<!-- Signature -->
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    They're sweeping the poles these days. Excellent performances on all occasions. <IMG SRC="">
    <!-- Signature -->
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    you forget that these cars have one huge advantage over all the others. its about a bloody metre shorter it is only just a legal competitor. this gives it the huge advantage of being able to swing the back out more and more mistakes are given.
    i personally dont class it as aproper rally car as there is no roadgoing version eg scooby wrx or mitsi evo<!-- Signature -->
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    A metre? Bullshit. The longest car in the WRC is the Skoda, which is a little over 50cms longer than the Pug. The next longest is the Evo which is a little over 35cms longer than the Pug.
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    that is still a farkin big mistake forgiving margin ent it! and ialso have a reason for it being able to win on tarmack. shorter wheel base so it can cut corners tighter therefore reducing overall distance trveled <!-- Signature -->
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    OK, you want to talk wheelbases do you? Alright then, did you know that the Hyundai Accent has the shortest wheelbase in the WRC? Wonder why they can't win on tarmac?

    Why are Peugeot so good on tarmac? Could it be that Peugeot have a specialist tarmac driver and the rest (except Citroen) don't? Could it be that Peugeot (and Citroen) are French teams, and the French national championship is run mostly on tarmac, thus the two French teams have expert knowledge of tarmac configuration?

    Continuing on with wheelbases, last year (and to a lesser extent, this year) Citroen were widely regarded as being the best on tarmac after Peugeot. Did you know that of the 7 WRC cars, the Xsara has the 5th longest wheelbase?

    And did you know that the Ford Focus has the longest wheelbase (17.5cm longer than the Accent's)? Did you also know that in the last two seasons Ford scored more points on tarmac than any other team except Peugeot?
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    shit man do you measure cars for a living, and why are you so desperate to defent the pug? i agree grp b was much better bloody stupid spectators getting killed ruined one of th best racing series ever.
    anyway back to modern jobbies in your defence of this car you have given other reasons y it has an unfair advantage over the rest of the field. sineu know all can u tell m how pug choose which drivers get points each round cos they run 3 cars and cnt have all the points can they?<!-- Signature -->
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    I'm not defending the Pug as such, it just pisses me off when people come along and say the only reason the Pug is a good car is becuase it's short and/or it has a short wheelbase. What rubbish! I guess gearing ratios, differential ratios, suspension settings, tyre choice (all of which vary from rally to rally), weather, road surface, pace notes and the drivers (particularly their preferences for surfaces) have nothing to do with determining who wins a rally?!

    I'm not sure what you mean about the points distribution. Each team can enter 3 drivers per rally. All teams have at least 3 drivers in their team, some have 4 and one has 5 (Skoda I think, or maybe it's Hyundai). Mind you, I think Peugeot and Ford are the only ones entering 3 drivers in all 14 rallys. All 3 drivers are eligible for driver's points, but only the top two finishers earn the team manufacturer's points.

    And that's another thing that bugs me, people complaining about Peugeot entering 3 drivers per race. Firstly, it's perfectly legal, secondly Ford do it, but no one seems to bother mentioning that. Also, I don't really believe it gives Peugeot, or any other team a particular advantage. And even if it does, then why don't people get on the other team's backs for not running 3 drivers, instead of complaing about that's what Peugeot does?
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    like i said in my other post: there is no bloody restriction against subaru to build a new damn smaller car, or to strip-to-ground and build from the shell up again with their current car. the pug is perfectly legal in the competition, and with a smaller car they make sacrifices too: less stability; less room to work with and therefore need more time to fit everything into the car and still keep weight distribution ideal; more fragile than the larger cars.
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    well one thing youve completly missed my blody point. and how can you say a smaller car is less stableimin pretty much direct agreement with grpb rules. its due to their team more than anything<!-- Signature -->
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    the simple fact is that the smaller the wheel base, the more nervous a car is. i dont know where you get your facts from, but consider this:
    when a car is longer, the less responsive it is, this is because of the larger sideload that the car has to overcome in order to turn. another nightmare is that once the car starts turning, it's just as hard to over come that force and to return it to a straight course or to turn another way. this is just the reason why the larger cars are slower on the twisty roads of france and spain. but the larger wheel also means that the weight is distributed over a larger area. it's just like a chair. the further the legs are apart, the harder it is to over come its balance or for you to turn it.
    smaller cars, on the other hand, is very responsive and agile around tight corners. same reasoning: less sideload required to overcome the car's inertia and to swing its end around.

    i hope that wasnt confusing. it's very hard for me to explain it, and i dont know if it makes any sense to you. i hope that someone else with better physics knowledge can explain it better so everyone can understand.
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    yeah understood, so you are agreeing with me that shorter wheelbase gives beter handling?<!-- Signature -->
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    you are a wise man GroupB...
    Impreza man.... get this. they have the best setup at the time, that means that the other companies need to change what they are doin to compete. My favorite team is Subaru, and ill be the first to admit that they need to change a few things, id like to see them go back to a 2dr, and shorten it up a bit. Its not about fighting fair, its about winning and learning new ways to make the road going cars better. The other companies need to catch up, Peugeot doesnt need to slow down.
    <!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Brilliant Burns</i>
    <b>Peugeot doesnt need to slow down.
    </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    How true!!! And i don't care if peugeot doesn't have your 206 wrx road version! Anyway it is the coolest car ever! And has the nicest looks! U should see my car in Brussels! Chicks drool over! Even thought it isn't as hast as your imp wrx! don't forget that my 206 does 220 easily and frankly i don't need more coz i have nowhere to drive at that speed and if u go faster the car is not very stable, at least not as stable as a impreza that has 4 doors and is longer!
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    i think 220may be a truggle fr ya pug (yes i know thats kph!), should have bought a better car shouldnt ya<!-- Signature -->
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    Thanks for the compliment BB. <IMG SRC="">

    And you have some very valid points as well, Subaru and others need to change. You see, as far as I'm concerned, Peugeot are ushering in a new era in WRC - one of ultra professionalism.

    I will be the first to happily admit Peugeot are squeezing the rules of the competition for every last advantage they feel they can get. They have a small car, they run 3 drivers in every race (although I'm still not convinced that is an advantage. I do know that others do though). They have a tarmac specialist (and two Finns as well, handy for the snow <IMG SRC=""> ). And they have the biggest budget.

    Rallying is becoming more and more popular. And whilst it's a long way from being as lucrative as F1, it could be in the not to distant future. And only those teams who are hungry for success, those who are willing to take every advantage the rules allow them to, will be the ones who come out on top. (Just look at Ferrari in F1 these days).

    I think teams such as Subaru, Mitsubishi and even (to a lesser extent) Ford are still stuck in the recent past. I think they really have to question their commitment to WRC. And if they still want to compete, and they want to win,then they are going to have to take a few leaves out of Peugeot's book. <IMG SRC="">
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    great a point we can all agree on!<!-- Signature -->

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