Cosmetic Looks: 599 - 575

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by eb110ss4life, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Forget the performance figures of the 599 GTB and concentrate on the cosmetic looks.

    Prefer one? Then Vote!

    EDIT: You CANT choose anything else, AT ALL, and that includes the 550M
  2. I'll take the 575 because the 599 has just 2 taillights and just looks awkward all over to me except fot its overall body shape.
  3. I prefer the 575, but the 599 looks more aggressive IMO.
  4. Chose the 575M because this is one car I loved and it still has my preference over the new one... may change my miond once I see a 599 in the flesh though...
  5. The 575 just looks so much better than the 599.
  6. The 575 is one of my favoritest Ferraris.
  7. 575 For sure, my second favorite looking Ferrari afte the F355
  8. Serious. Its awesome looking and classy as #$%#. And the 599 is ugly shit
  9. 550
  10. 599. Had this been about the 550, it would've been harder for me.
  11. I used to love the 550. Then the 575 came, and it wasn't as nice. But the basic design itself has aged a lot, so I'd choose the 599.
  12. 575, the pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency has ruined the looks of the 599
  13. 575, no question about it.

    Allthough the 599 is is starting to grow on me.
  14. 550>575>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>599
  15. I still think the 599 is a sexy car, its just that the 575 is better looking.
  16. The 599 looks good, it's just some of the detailing that I don't like.

    However, 550>575>599 style-wise
  17. Damn the 599 looks good in that pic !
  18. I love the 599, but it only has two rear lights, and on at least a Modern Ferrari, that's just dumb, so I'll take a 575
  19. I prefer the 575 over the 550 (which I always loved), but both over the 599... they look more classy and they're typical mature-Ferrari sexyness on wheels. The 599 looks fantastic too, but too modern/techy/nerdy for a GT, but still has some design characteristics that I would've loved to see on the 575, for example that bigger "mouth" and the treatment given to it (those chromed crossed bars)...
  20. 599, but id rather take a 550, that was motoring perfection
  21. Wow, some people actually voted 599 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>
  22. I voted 599
  23. I like the 575/550 a lot plus they are more classic.

    However I find the 599 fantastic...Probably I like both equally. Which IMO is quite an accomplish for Ferrari since it's too hard, if not impossible, to make the successor look better or even as good as its already very succesful predecesor.
  24. 575. The 599 is still growing very slowly

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