could be some serious fun w/ a v-8 swap!!

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  1. i've seen a few different swaps.. a northstar v-8 a L98 and i think i even saw one w/ a buick gn v-6<!-- Signature -->
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    Oh yeah. There are hundreds.
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    Re: could be some serious fun w/ a v-8 swap!!

    Well since yuo are taling about a v8 fiero there
    is a good sit for info and also has body kits for
    the fiero. is the site
    if you are interested
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    yes, there are numerous swaps, some of the more common swaps include:
    1. any GM small block V8
    2. Cadillac Northstar V8
    3. Pontiac 3800SC 3.8 liter V6 with supercharger from the Grand Prix GTP
    4. Quad 4 from Grand Am GT and Olds Alero
    5. 3400 V6 from F-Bodies
  5. To clear up EVERYTHING!

    I have done all possible research on the car so let me tell these people off. As some have already done.
    First of all a 4 banger Fiero could not do a 7.8 0-60 unless stock the V6's did low to mid 7's at best stock. So this site is definately wrong. Also as said before the fastback came out in 86 on the GT. However The first year for the GT was 85 in which they did have a 4 speed, they also had a 4 speed in early 86 models. They also came out with t-tops in 88, the last year they made them. They stopped the production of the car because they thought it would lose money by the mid 90's. The Fiero started the whole plastic body panal thing for saturn. The Fiero also has plastic body panal which will not rust, the only car of it's time to offer that. As far as the car being dangerous, do some research idots, the problems they had with them catching on fire were in the 4 cylinder models in 84,85 and some 86. But there were no recalls for the V6 models. I have heard of them overheating but what car doesn't when you run in like hell. Many have also said that they aren't safe in a crash which is everything BUT true. The Fiero got double 5 start crash test ratings. I have heard of some pretty nasty crashes that people have walked away from. I am NOT a fan on all the inmports and crap, but i do still have respect for the MR2(even though the Fiero tripled the sales of the MR2 givin any year the Fiero was in production). The 89 SC will beat a Fiero stock 0-60 by about a second(all conditions considered). Although the Fiero has much more room for improvments as it is naturally aspirated and is a V6. We all know they also look better. As far as engine swaps go you have alot to choose from. Many 6 cylinders will fit incuding the 3.1, 3.4,3.8(SC), or 4.3. It will take v8's as big as 400 with the right fabrication. The most common are the 4.9 or 5.7.
    Overall the Fiero is a great bang for the buck relatively easy and cheap to maintain with exotic like handling. Having been based on the Ferrari 308 you know you won't be dissapointed. If you don't like great looks, handling, performance, and reliability then the Fiero is not for you. But if you do, give it a try.

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