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Discussion in '1999 Lotus 340R' started by b0s569, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Hello guys.My neighboor has that car.I find it excellent...nice's very light....and everybody in my neighborhood thinks is the best car around.Well i've a toyota supra.By installing a twin turbo and making some changes to its body wouldn't i be able to kick that guy's ass?<!-- Signature -->
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    You know that the 340R is extremely light, but has'nt got an engine that powerfull. The founder of Lotus, Colin Chapman, made cars based on the philosophy that if you are a lightweighter you won't need an enorkous engine, and thereby saving additional weight. You will have to think that mod thing over again I think.<!-- Signature -->
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    You could beat it in a straight line, but if any turn comes up this thing will fly by.
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    You'd probibly out run him in a drag race, but around the first corner he'd pass you.
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    I agree with Needfrspd and Elise.
    You might be faster (only just tho) on a straight line, but this thing is made for good handling and cornering.
    also, it's more of a track car than the supra.
    do u have the newer supra or the original one?
    with the original one i mean the one that has the same taillights as the old celica.
    if u have the original one, plz drop me an email ( coz I really like that car and I've been trying to hunt down info on it
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    You'd need more than 340bhp per tonne (that was the design brief for the 340R)- anyway, who cares - its pure misguided machismo if you think that people buy a Lotus to out-drag someone in a Japanese hottie. The 340R uses the Elise bonded extruded aluminium chassis, its is incredibly stiff and extraordinarily quick around a track. I know a few people who've got them, and they make my Elise look bloated and sloppy on the track!

    You spend your cash souping up your box, have a drag and glory in your victory whilst looking back in your mirror. Then hold tight, because the 340R - even driven by Stevie Wonder - will cream you at the next bend ;-)

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