Could someone make me an icon?

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  1. 50X50 with this pic. Thanks in advance
  2. Pic is where? And if you have photoshop just use the rectangular marquee tool, highlight the picture, copy and then paste it into a new 50x50 document and use the bounding box to make the picture fit.
  3. or just go to edit > image size... and make it whatever size you want
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  5. I'll try.

    Just as soon as in done this apple.
    Don't do drugs
  6. resizing something that large, to something thats 50 by 50 will turn out to look pretty shit.
  7. Yea. I guess it shouldnt be like that. Im sure there are ways to crop it to loos a little better. Like you could take out some of the background to make the pic look more semitrical. THANKS BTW!
  8. I think it's a lost cause
  9. Very good guys. I have to say the award goes to Mr. dahldrin

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