Could've been better.

Discussion in '1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport' started by 87GTA, Dec 23, 2002.

  1. I think the car looks real good but they couldve made it a little faster.
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    12.9 is pretty quick.

    I think that the advantage of this car is the powerband, it doesn't run out of steam after 3500 RPM like LT1's. It revs higher, has better top end, and accel. It's suited all around for road racing.
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    It could have had a touch more horses though like say to compete with the ZR-1, a car from the same time as this. But it is still a great car and I'm not going to bash it for what it has, cuz I would not complain at all if I had one.
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    A little faster? What fast like a GTA? C'mon man, you gotta be kidding. Have you experienced the rush of the LT4? Get a clue, dude....
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    Hey man GTAs were pretty good, those tpi 350s were pretty quick fro there time
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    I've got 387... and it is a "little quicker." I'm running a full Lingenfelter package for the LT-4 as well as a procharger running 5 lbs of boost and an intercooler. 550+hp to the ground is kinda nice <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    How would you know about the revs?
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    Because I own an LT4.

    Countless hours of experience with the LT1.

    Dyno numbers.

    Seasoned racers that own an LT1/LT4.

    Pick one.
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    what tires are u usin to keep that 550 hp from spinnin like crazy...cause my 88 GTA has 435 hp and is spinnin the crap out of the 255/50r16 drag radials i have on it
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    Maybe they could have given a bit more torque and power.
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    And what, upstage the LS1? This engine is underrated anyway.
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    "it doesn't run out of steam after 3500 RPM like LT1's"...?
    Check your numbers. LT1's don't run out of steam at 3500 RPM. they start to run out around 5200 RPM but still make good usable power up to 5500 RPM, and is happy up to its rev limited 5800 RPM cut off. the Lt4 on the other hand starts to run out at something like 6400 & is limited to something like 6700 RPM. Nobody shifts an LT1 at 3500 in a race, that would be a waist. all the LT motors are famous for their long flat torque curves however the 85 to 90 L98 vetts sounds closer to what you are talking about.

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