Coupe on way? I Want Something more!

Discussion in '2005 Chrysler 300C SRT8' started by Boxr4, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. In a Recient R&T or Car and Driver they were talking about a 300C Coupe and resurection of a Charger.

    Now Dodge seems like they are going to release a hideous 4 door Charger based on the Magnum as seen in Car and Driver. Road and Track released a picture of a two door Charger in the issue with the roadster Lambo on the cover, looked good.

    With these hemi variants and RWD platform Chrysler/Dodge is so close. Being a follower of the old mopar greatness I have so much hope for this new platform.

    I hope they get a manual tranny setup with the hemi, in all variations, and slap it in an stripped down basic attractive coupe. A 4 seater 2 door with a Hemi Cuda or Charger badge on the side would be awsome at a few hundred over the price of the new Mustang.

    I realy like the things they have done to hop-up the Hemi. I was thinking they would just throw a supercharger on the 5.7L Hemi like Mercedes often does on their performance models. The 6.1L keeps with Mopar's elephant motor tendancies.

    I hope companies take a page out of the Lotus Elise book and get back to the bare minimum, pure machines. Lose the Navigation sytems, 8 speaker sterios, extravigant dashboards, dual climate controls, variable displacement, Traction controls, power seats, power windows, power mirrors, power pedals, even air conditioning. Makes the car lighter and cheaper, not to mention I have all of those things at home.

    Imagine the thrill of a 3000lbs coupe with low roofline that delivers 345hp or 425hp of raw V8 power and rumble for 20-30Ks in a attractive shell that takes some skill to pilot.

    Does anyone else wish everynight before bed for a pure machine to find its way onto your local car lot for your picking the next day?

  2. It's almost poetic. Too bad you can't spell...
  3. I agree that the new Charger that was shown in Car and Driver looks pretty pathetic.
  4. Dodge is most likely going to be making a Dodge Challenger coupe, but im not shure about the convertible

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