Craig disses Aston, Get's a Lotus instead

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  2. should have got a Rapide

    EDIT: one-77

  3. How is 1350Kg for a 2+2 way to heavy? name another car that is lighter in the same configuration?

    To give you some relative size of the car compared to the Elise and the 911 the sizes are as follows:

    Elise - 3785mm total car length, 2300mm Wheelbase, Weight (dry) 860Kg
    Evora - 4344mm total car length, 2575mm Wheelbase, weight(dry)1350Kg
    911 - 4445mm total car length, 2355mm Wheelbase, Weight(dry) 1370Kg
  4. I didn't realize it was that much bigger than the Elise.
  5. Since it is such a tremendous chore to drive an Aston Martin, I humbly accept this daunting task on behalf of Daniel Craig, and since it is the holiday season, I will do the selfless act and ENJOY a DBS, all because I care so much about the well being of Mr. Craig.
  6. lolwut?

    and hammond and may are both getting one?
  7. He's a douche bag, if you are given a free car, especially one like an Aston, take it. And if you don't like it, sell and donate the money to charity, because he obviously doesn't need it.
  8. Astons these days are boring. The whole range is identical and contrived to fit the same design features. These days they're for wannabe James Bonds and soft cocks that exfoliate their skin every night before bed and have manicures and personal assistant shoppers rather than the aristocracy and royalty they used to make cars for. The old V8 Vantage was the greatest aston, it was brutish to look at and listen to. If I was in his position and living in London I'd have got myself a Lotus Exige rather than the Evora, but I'm glad he doesn't have the Bond complex that every other Aston Martin owner has..
  9. That was certainly the case for Pierce Brosnan, so perhaps you're getting them mixed up.
  10. Now I like him even more. The Evora is #$%#ig hot.
  11. regardless, he's still a Stud, no homo
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  13. Toyota Celica - 1133kg
  14. take it alright
  15. Is the Celica a mid-engined V6 supersports car not introduced 10 years ago?

    That's what i thought.
  16. ROFL, yet another reason why he's the worst Bond ever. He should have gotten a London friendly micro electro car, the one that 100 year olds and physically disabled drive here with 20kph max speed ... would suit him best
  17. He actually is a proper bond..

  18. Fair play I should have said class rather than category. Comparing a Celica with the Evora is like comparing Apples and Oranges.

    For those that haven't read the Flemming books I suggest you borrow the book from the library or download the audio books. Bond as Flemming intended is nothing like the Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan Bond. Whether you like the films or not the two closest Bonds to the way Flemming intended the character have been Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig.

    In the books Bond doesn't have an Aston he has a 30s Bentley that has been rebodied. Bond also has a secretery called Goodnight which I think is in one of the Bond films as one of the Bond girls.
  19. ASS DOESN'T FIT <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/amazed.gif"></A>

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