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  1. Expensive, and slow.

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    Stupid !!!
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    well compared to his tvr on his avatar hes right, but hell, its a benz and id rather have it than the tvr
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    You fail life
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    It is slower than what you can get for the money, and it sure does have a price tag. Unfortunately for you, speed isn't everything in a car. Ever hear of luxury? Safety? Refinements? Compfort? Style? I didn't think so...
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    Dude, your #$%#ed. I've seen a couple of nice 1999 C43 AMG's that look really nice with the newest 5 spoke, 19" Perelli rims, HKS suspension, Supercharger (503 hp), exhaust, brakes and a new grill put in. Now the car runs 0-60 in 4.3 seconds instead of 5.8 seconds. By the way the guy paid 20,000 for it and put 12,000 into it. all in all he spent 32K on the car. Not bad for the enhancement...
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    first of all dont judge a book by its cover it may be 300hp but its a ligt ass car and can accelarate better than most cars in its class and if you check out the 2000 model it has 347 hp

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