CRX, obviously

Discussion in '2007 Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept' started by 944turb0, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. I thought the Remix concept was a vague idea of what the next CRX is going to be.
  2. i need to see more of it.

    it would be awesome if they made the CRX all over again. it's pretty hard to finf them, and when you do find one, the owner will never sell it.

    if they go ahead with this, it would be great. looks matter though.
  3. No crx I know.I guess next gen.
  4. Wow a new CRX would be sweet. But to me its a blur right now.
  5. CRX was the worst car ever, I hope we never see that crap again.
  6. CRXs were never the worst car. Infact the CRX HF had the highest MPG rating in the world for its class when it debuted (sp) which is what Honda had in mind, a small compact with an extremely fuel efficient motor.

    Sure it had near around 50-80 hp, but got 50+ Mpg.

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