Cucumber #$%#er

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Let me see that thooooooong
  2. lol still has the plastic on .... at least she is being safe ...
  3. but, but, but she's not black!
  4. um. i was basically making a character judgement.

    it's not about the actually vagina. but it's still probably terrible.

    shit girls just own shitty boxes.

    "that pussy ain't good".
  5. the pussy is garbage but she makes a really tangy Tzatziki ....
  7. So my friend was going down on his girlfriend's pussy
    and he said to her
    "jeez you've got a big pussy, Jeez you'Ve got a big pussy"

    she asked
    "why you sayin' twice?"

    he replies
    "I didn't! it's because of the echo!"

  8. your gherkin is no match for the mighty cuke!
  9. I had a chick i was banging tell me a similar thing. It was when she was younger and wanted to warm the cucumber up because it was in the fridge so she microwaved it. It exploded and her dad caught her trying to microwave a cucumber at 2:00am.

    lol, she was hot too. Russian Israeli model who spoke 4 languages. I think that's when I learned for good that chicks are #$%#ing stupid, no matter how smokin hot and worldly.
  10. yup. Kinda gross too.
  11. I'm Herr to respond to fantasy football!
  12. You have never done anything idiotic in your life, because penis.
  13. I understand your reaction given you have the hormones and emotional intelligence of a 16 year old girl.
  14. What about your wife?
  15. I have!

  16. What do you think I'm gonna say, she's perfect in every way? lol

    She has her stupid moments, just like every other chick.
  17. And yelling that all women are #$%#ing stupid is How so grown up

  18. And guys don't have stupid moments?

    At least not you, right?
  19. You have hormonal/emotional episodes of irrationality?
  20. Aren't you the guy who cheated on his 8 year realtionship with a cheap hooker?
  21. I don't have ovaries so my answer is nay. I have made some regrettable choices in life that some might consider irrational.

    You may have confused intelligence with emotions caused by the menstrual cycle quite badly there. Also I don't think that getting caught masturbating/someone finding evidence that you probably have done that/will do that in a limited-privacy environment is a sign of overall stupidity.

  22. Is he a woman?

    He did a stupid thing.

    Guys also do stupid things.
  23. Except you because your are pitch-perfect in every way and you also fly planes.

    We already know that.
  24. Almost 10 now and she wasn't cheap. She was in many ways more respectable than you.
  25. You defending your hooker?

    lol, dude

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