Cuffing your jeans

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. Gay, buy pants that fit.

    Also only #%$s get their jeans hemmed. Normal people buy ones that fit.
  3. looks good when done right.
  4. cuffing your jeans is so 2000/2001
  5. it looks really ugly
  6. Get shorter pants

    Seriously how metrosexual are you?
  8. My jeans are definitely cuffed right now.
  9. This is no trend, people have done this for ages. Were you born yesturday?
  10. isnt it summer? Jeans in the drawer till fall
  11. Oh my gawd, I love you fashion.
    I have the same shoes, but they are inversely coloured.
  12. + 1
  13. I have red and black ones. Really only because they go with a track jacket I have.
  14. corks is rapidly becoming as gay as p996t. so when should we anticipate the coming-out blog, corky?
  15. having a pair of shoes mainly to match with one outfit is mad womanish aye
  16. yeah i'm not gonna lie, I have one or 2 pairs that are like that.
  17. hahaha, oh well. it happens
  18. Hey, welcome to 1990. Not that you were even born then. It was ugly then and it's still ugly now.
  19. It's stupid and your shoes are ugly as sin.
  20. I used to do that in high school, but I haven't seen a guy do it in 3 or 4 years.

    Ugly. And i'm not just saying that cuz it's hip to bash corks.

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