Cure for the S2000's lack of torque/power

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  1. Yeah but within a year or two it was out classed by the new breed of those cars.

    And from Japan the 350Z just takes a dump on the S2000
  2. Is that an LS1? Because that shit is played out, yo. At least use an LS3 or LS7.
    Im also surprised a 2JZ even fit in at all.
  3. Well, he may not want to drop $20K on an engine, and the LS1 is the least expensive performance member of the Gen III/IV engines. Plus, you can pretty much build an "LS1" into an LS7 anyways.
  4. I don't care about how poor he is. He needs the right valve covers from the factory.
  6. I fully want an S2000. I do wish there was a good V6 engine option, at least.
  7. The Accord V6 perhaps
  8. Are you suggesting buying an Accord V6 or swapping an Accord V6 into an S2000. Both ideas are crap.
  9. I'm suggesting Honda should ditch the gutless 4 banger and sell it wtih the Accord V6 from the factory. It's like what, 260hp with the torque to match?
  10. um.... because i do.
  11. Sounds like a pretty shitty reason to me. Almost as shitty as putting a 2JZ in an S2000.
  12. Yeah, except that the 350Z happens to weigh more than my 4-door, 5-seater, all wheel drive box. I'd rather have the S2000 based solely on that fact.
  13. So? The S2000 is way to heavy of a car to have 156lbs of torque
  14. Granted, but I'd rather drive an underpowered 2800 pound 2-seater than an adequately powered 3300 pound 2-seater. It's the principle of the thing.

    Also, as you insist on showing time and again, it's far easier to put a ballsy engine into an S2000 than drop 500 pounds from a 350Z.
  15. Your argument still doesn't make any sense.

    The S2000's weight doesn't give it any advantage on the track compared to the 350Z.

    And the 350Z offers significantly more luxury than the S2000.
  16. If you're drag racing, yes. However, on a road course it's less of a problem. As for the swap, it's kinda neat, but I prefer the stock high-strung nature. And as for any weight arguments, don't voice them too loudly - getting the engine in is only the first step. After upgrading the rest of the driveline components to handle the extra power and torque, you've eaten into a lot of the weight savings.
  17. Nice, screw anyone else crying over this...a big engine in a small front engined car is awesome.
  18. Minus the torque.
  19. What? If the S2000 had the same power as the 350Z, which isn't too difficult, apparently, then yes, the S2000's weight would give it a considerable advantage on the track. As it is, the S2000's lack of torque only hinders it at low-mid revs, which is far less of a problem on the track than on the street/strip. The point is that the 350Z may be considerably more ballsy than the S2000, but it's also much, much more porky.

    These aren't luxury cars. If I wanted luxury, I wouldn't be looking at the 350Z or the S2000. Have you seen the 350Z's dash?
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    if you can't appreciate this you have problems. i'd rather keep a jap motor in a jap car. the LS2/3 is a great motor, but i don't want it in any S2k. plus, i love supras.

    EDIT: oh yeah....
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    You're going to compare the 2jz to an LS1 on modified power... not the smartest thing to do.
  22. Not at all. How was that even a comparison? I don't care how much power the LS motor can make. I know it can produce huge numbers (easily modded to over 1000 hp). I just would rather put a 2JZ in. That's not a crime.
  23. kW/L! Duh!
  24. Its always lol see people argue over the same shit.

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