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  1. I've been really sad lately. I've never really been sad before. And it's for the weirdest reason, too. I really like this girl. And she likes me back. She lives about 3 hours from me but we've only "hung out" the three days of the music festival where we met, two years ago. We recently got to talking again. She had a breakup sometime in the last year and she is currently working some things out, on sick leave and sleeping lots. And I've put myself in a position where I've said that "I really like you, whenever you are ready I want to do things with you." And while I know that it's not really a great position, it's something I stand by. I can wait. I just hope she doesn't change her mind. Or becomes bored of me. Or finds someone else. And that's the part that makes me sad. And scared. My daily happiness is basically dependent on my conversations with her. And it's so scary, because I've never had that before. And I overthink things. I've never been in love, and I've never had a steady girlfriend. I'm almost 27 and I know I am placing too much importance on the outcome of this. Kind of proving to myself that I can be loved by someone. At the same time, things are really stressful at work and I'm not sleeping well. So I get so sad.

    Today is a good day though. Because I'm talking to her and she's saying nice things to me.

    Ugh. This is probably unhealthy.

    I don't really have any close friends here who I can confide in. I have friends, but they are play friends. I know I could talk to them about it, but I would prefer to keep them as "fun only," for some reason unknown even to myself. Felt good writing it here though. This is a good thread.
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  2. fkin genius
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    2 months' notice is all they need to give me. That sort of time frame is commonplace. Technically they're not being unreasonable, but there's a whiff of "millionaire landlord out of touch with real people" about the whole thing

    skate as in fruit boots, or cool-person skateboard? Skateboarding, I've decided, is pretty much one of the hardest things anyone can learn. It's way more difficult than any of the other "action sports" I reckon. I can ollie and occasionally I'll accidentally land a kickflip or like, a backside 180 but that's about it for me.
  4. Thanks man.

    Yeah a good friend of mine bought a house last year and it's made me want one for a while but this has just pushed me over the edge and decided it for me. Sadly I don't have parents with £50,000 to give me for a deposit like he did!
  5. I want to have something reassuring to say to you since you said nice things to me, but I've not had a relationship really ever so I don't think any of my words would be effective. Nevertheless, have an e-hug from me.
  6. Yeah, I'm one of those lucky pricks with parents who gave me a "loan" to pay the deposit. I admire people with the dedication to save up by themselves. I don't know that I "deserve" to be privileged like this. I am really grateful though, and I try to be a good, responsible son to show it.

    Thanks, Vman, I appreciate it. Hug.
  7. So now that I called to complain this AM
    TV will be home tomorrow PM at the latest

    Fuckin teenagers high on weed @ costco
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  8. Huehuehuehue you're becoming stangman
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  9. Real Estate is really bloody expensive in the UK. How much are you paying for rent?
  10. £460 incl bills which is pretty good really. I'm willing to pay more for a nicer place, though. I just have an issue with the fees the agents charge. £300+ for referencing around here. In some parts of the country it's over a thousand pounds that you have to pay just for the privilege of applying to rent a property. You never get it back either, so if you're moving a lot you just have to burn hundreds of pounds each time.

    I've been looking at private listings recently because all they want generally is to see some recent payslips and a reference or two. There aren't as many properties available that way but it's definitely the cheaper alternative
  11. As someone who's still with the girl I was in a long distance relationship with for 3 years; I really suggest Skype. It made it so much more bearable. We would play games, watch TV and movies over Skype. It really is hard though. My issue was trust. Before her I was always the "other guy". Just weeks before I met her, I was smashing a married skeezers, and banging some other chick as a rebound ****. I've always had a knack for picking up taken broads at the club. They didn't care, nor did I. So, it being my first long distance, and being in love with her, it was hard not having questions that if she was out doing the things the chicks I met were doing.
    We were 6 hours away. 3 hours isn't that bad. You should visit her more.
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    All I can say is TRY not to let yourself get to much more invested. Just enjoy it for what it is. If you force it it'll fail. I've found the most successful relationships I've had are the ones that I've just had the "it is what it is" mentality towards. Trying to force something puts too much pressure on both of you. And the last thing you want is to just be a rebound. Rebounds rarely last.
    If she is on sick leave and sleeping lots she is in depression. It is a very unhealthy time for her to get into any sort of relationship. She needs to get herself sorted. Through therapy or medication whether short term or long term.
    And trust me from experience I can say if you put pressure on someone who's fighting depression they can break and or resent you afterwards.
    So the best thing you can do is just be her friend. But distance yourself a bit too. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
    If you talk to her everyday right now. Try to cut it back to every second day. You can still do small talk. But don't get in too serious conversations as much. You kind of have to make her miss you. If you are there too much for her you will end up friend zoned. So you have to find that balance. You almost want to let her find someone else to friend zone. You want to be the one she wants. Not the shoulder she wants to cry on.
    To add to this. You also don't want to distance yourself too much that she moves on. Again it's about balance.
  13. Thanks for your tips. I would really love to see her. This thing actually started with me inviting her to help me paint some rooms one weekend. Then her cancelling the night before after I finally asked when she was planning to come. I'm not good with rejection so I would in most cases have left it. But I know this girl. And I like her. So I sent her this long text where I said that, and that I wanted her to give me a chance to prove how good I am. And she responded with a long text saying that she also really wanted to, but she was in a bad place mentally and wanted to work through that before she could start anything. And I fully support that.

    Thank you. Very good tips, or at least rings true with my experience and my plans. I been very clear with her that I want her to feel ready before anything happens. If it does happen then I want it to last. And she appreciates that. And even though it puts me in a vulnerable position where I can get hurt, I don't think I know anyone sweeter. She has a heart and a brain and a conscience.
    We don't talk every day. Even though I would love to, I understand that it's a fine balance. Last week I felt she was delaying her replies to me so I toned it down. Then on Monday she left me on read and I decided not to contact her until she contacted me. That was hard for me. That was when I was over thinking everything and I don't think I've ever been more miserable. But it worked. Yesterday she initiated conversation and send me selfies and replied immediately.
    When we talk it's mostly superficial. Me telling her stories and jokes and funny pictures and making her laugh. We have the same sense of humour, which is part of what attracted me in the first place. I've been telling her about my recent moodiness though (but never given any indication that my relationship with her is more or less the cause). Mostly for me I think. I haven't talked to anyone else about it so it's nice to hear kind words and consolation. But it's also for her to know that she can make my days better. And she does. For me at least, knowing that I've made someone's day makes my own day so much better.
    But yeah. We'll see how it goes. And I'll try to keep a healthier attitude towards it.
  14. I've dropped 25 freedom units of body weight weight while increasing my lifting weight since I started going back hard in the gym a few months ago. Injured my spine a few years ago. 2 bulging disks and a fissure on one. Took several months of rehab but was still too scared to do any lifting. I do a lot of physical work at my job so I have to not injure myself. But past few months I've felt like I can handle it and I have. Feels Goodman. Just need to drop another 20 and I'll be at where I want.
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  15. the TV box is pristine! currently giving it some time to warm up slowly in the garage @ 18c
  16. TV works fine Its just so fucking huge
  17. Fruit boots. I tried skate boarding and I was like, fthat.jpg
  18. That's what she said.
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  19. Yes! We're a dying breed. At the aforementioned giant skate park there must have been a couple hundred people spread over the whole site at the time I was there. Probably only 10-15 inline guys.

    Tony Hawk has a lot to answer for, for almost single-handedly killing off roller blading. I know loads of people, including myself, who switched back when THPS was the new thing
  20. Just got pulled over for trying to goad a Mustang to race. Got off with a warning. It's funny because I tried giving her some BS story and she called me out trying to go after the Mustang. She was pretty cool.

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  21. What do you drive again?
  22. Impala Limited 300 something HP.
  23. Very American
  24. So coincidentally I was just pulled over and given a ticket for doing 80 mph in a 60. The thing is, I know for a fact I wasn't. I had just reported an accident on Waze and the GPS speedo said I was doing 65. Either his equipment is faulty or he's full of shit.
  25. is that information stored and able to be recalled or would it just be your word against his if you challenged it?

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