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  1. Nay. She moved with me to the Netherlands.

    As much as i love Indonesia, i wouldn't want to live there when i still have to work. When we are both retired, maybe.
  2. So yeah, still fucking raining.
    Genius with a Ferrari:


    Yeah, there's a freeway under there:

    Luckily my area isn't bad. Just been stuck inside. Got to the store once yesterday. So freaking bored. Luckily I picked up Witcher 3 and there is a shit ton to do in this game.
  3. etb hasnt posted in a while, i wonder if the floods reached his area. shit is crazy over there

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  4. Thanks :D I actually lucked out. My street didn't flood at all but I couldn't go more than a mile south, east, or west and about 4 miles north. Finally able to escape to work today after being stuck inside for all of these days. My usual 40-45 min drive was over 2 hours. The owner of the company offered up the office for any employees needing a roof (he's living there because his house is flooded) so I brought food for them. My grand mother, aunt and cousins had to get rescued by boat and are now in shelters. Helped this animal shelter by fostering 2 dags. Great little guys. And helping neighbors store their vehicles in my driveway since I have no trees and also bringing food to neighbors in need.
    Not sure if you Yuropeens have this site, but I highly recommend Freedom residents sign up for nextdoor.com. It made it easy for everyone to help eachother out. There is a 10pm curfew because some shit brains are using this disaster to rob people. But, mostly people are coming together to help eachother. I tend to have a negative view on society, especially reading as much news as I do and seeing media exploiting this to bash eachother (seriously **** the media in its entirety). But it is refreshing to see strangers help one another out. Even bro truck douches are helping people out.
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  5. I heard the Netherlands are next
  6. this is the shit sebastian junger wrote about in tribe
    people are happier and work better together during disasters
    when its done you might find yourself missing the disaster, as crazy as it sounds, because of the brotherhood and common goals
  7. Being a geography/meteorology enthusiast, I would kinda like to experience a harsh storm like that. From a safe distance/dwelling, of course. We don't really get a lot of weather around here and that's boring.
  8. We already had one in 1953
  9. which means its time for a refresh
  10. i guess we've had 'once in a hundred years storms' something like 6 times in the last 12 years
  11. Well, I'm sure random incoming rockets from the Peace Brigade create their own crazy experience.
  12. have you run into a ball of fire ants yet
  13. I always found Americans very friendly and helpful. I've heard Europeans saying the same. You go to the US and everyone is loud (in a friendly way) and treat you like a nephew that they haven't seen in years.

    In times of public crisis like this I believe pretty much any group of strangers would come together to help each other, but Americans go the extra mile, it appears.
  14. Eh you haven't been to Dallas, have you?
  15. Ok, maybe Dallas is full of dickfaces, but other places in America that I have visited, plus the American that I've met abroad, are always extremely friendly.
  16. It does get exciting here, but it's not the same. Also kinda traumatizing.
  17. Nothing like trauma to give you everlasting memories.
  18. After the last, umm, session, every time I heard some kind of siren (like an ambulance), my heart would skip a beat. I think it took a good couple of years to disappear.
  19. Just drove for 6h straight now I spend the next 30min on the throne
  20. do you need to stretch your knee out and pop it grandpa
  21. Nope just a bunch of military trucks and water. Lots of water.
  22. Dont need to pop it but its hella superflush soar, takes a couple mins to get back to normal
  23. what do you drive now?
    stop driving stick
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  24. '13 X3 35i, so very automatik
  25. I'm old enough now that after a good meal I need to sit down to digest for ~20min right after so I can feel good

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