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I leik this thread;

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  1. Lol I haven't seen Navy Seals in probably 15 tears
  2. The delta force series were my favorite movies when I was young. Along with predator
  3. Believe it or not. Charlie sheen wasn't always a skinny crack head
    He was actually a pretty fit crack head.
  4. I liked Sniper. there was some kind of sexual frustration going on between the main guy and his spotter.
    The Charlie Sheen movie pulls off Blue Steel so much better though
  5. That's because Billy Zane is just so pretty. Every movie he is in has a weird male on male sexual tension feel.
  6. The hell.
    It's expensive too.
    I know some guys who had to put in a lot of effort to not be in tanks, even modern ones with practically unlimited ammo.
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  8. Spending an afernoon on a shooting range isn't really comparable to a 6-month deploymentn in the Middle East. The former is actually fun; I've never encountered a person who thought shooting a firearm was boring, regardless of his/her/apache political views.
  9. Like how young?
  10. Maybe 9 or 10
  11. I think hippo's penis twitched.
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  12. No that's too old for my taste
  13. *3 years.
  14. I seriously doubt that the IDF puts anyone anywhere for 3 years without any rotation. Anyway, that's besides the point.
  15. navy seals is a great movie
    made me want to dress in all black and sneak around hte neighborhood at night

    zero dark thirty was a great movie
    nearly perfect to me
  16. Came home last night to this.
    Dogs are great.
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  17. Who puts ceramic tiles on walls
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  18. Maybe his dag likes eating walls.
  19. It happens in kitchens and bathrooms here. It's not all the way up to the ceiling.
  20. Bathrooms here can have tiled walls. But generally it's only floors, sink backsplash, the tub surround and showers.
    Then it's usually kitches floors and backsplashes.

    The grout lines make that photo look odd. They are inconsistent.
  21. Got told we're having a meeting tomorrow over the raise I'm asking for. Pretty sure I'm getting what I asked for or very close to it. Then girlfriend called and and told me her grandmother that we were both close to died. Then I got to enjoy the drive home among all the fucktards that are visiting because of the Superbowel.
  22. The average buildings here are old(ish) cement squares and the apartments are all tiled (wooden floors are a relatively new trend that only happens in newer buildings or renovated apartments). The owner of my apartment decided to renovate the kitchen and bathroom, tearing up the floors to redo some pipes and replacing it with newer tiles. It's ugly, inconsistent, and the place is still worth a cool million freedom dollars.

    Here's an example of my area. Most of the city center looks like this. Some of these apartments used to be whore houses, but since real estate is worth its square meters in gold, many apartments have been renovated into livable status.
  23. Got to see a GT3RS on the road today
  24. It's not doing anything wild though.

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