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I leik this thread;

  1. Boobs

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  2. Balls

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  3. Butt

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  1. You all smell.
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  2. 1080565d.jpg europe_usa.jpg burner66.jpg camaro.jpg jesushead.jpg some old classics 1080565d.jpg europe_usa.jpg 1080565d.jpg europe_usa.jpg i found,and i my old fave avatar
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  3. the melon one is good for 1997
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  4. a011a3be_WhatsApp_Image_2019_03_18_at_13.30.39.jpeg.jpg

    I like their car
  5. every video on youtube now starts with "WhaT'S uP GuyS" or something similar, this is also a pretty good indicator the video will be shit
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  6. whats up guys sorry i havent uploaded in a while
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  7. wow sc net pretty decent at memelife before it was a thing
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  8. Thank you @Scentless Apprentice for those. The TMOY/Melon and Wheelman/Freddie ones made me actual lol
  9. dahldrin wheelboy drawing and the scnet archive guy always make me laugh
  10. that was made for Guibo i think, or whatever his name was
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  11. Had to deal with the Food and Drug Administration for work because they detained a shipment of ours. They are so fucking inept. The original person who contacted us was on vacation so I dealt with someone else with the agency. They said they could not find the manufacturer registration number for the medical devices. While waiting for a response from the manufacturer, I decided to see if I could Google it. It took me all of a few minutes to find it on the FDA's own website. I sent the information to them but never got a response. I called and emailed that person several times over the course of three days. Finally I contacted the person who originally contacted us first and she had returned to work. I told her I sent the information to the other person but didn't get a response. She replied that the other person wouldn't respond since she was back from vacation. -_- fucking worthless.
  12. After working in a few companies with a bad atmosphere and finally work somewhere I actually want to work, it's eye-opening to realise how much of an impact the colleagues and working environment have on an individual's well-being.
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  13. True. I work in an unsafe environment right now. Gives a lot of stress. Good thing you work somewhere else now man.
  14. fking LOL @ the following:

  15. AFAIK the Kirbyzook one was made by Stewacide...

    Anyone still speak to him?!
  16. hory shit at the memories!

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