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I leik this thread;

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  1. That's bad even by our standards.
  2. 40,7 apparently. New record since 1700. Gross.
  3. That's, like, Saharan temperatures.
    But at least it'll be over for you soon, while we're stuck with our 30c and 70% humidity until late September.
  4. Worst part of it, nobody here has AC.
  5. That sucks, but at least the humidity stays low. It'll be over soon.
  6. get used to it fuckers
    clean coal will bring more where that came from
  7. Humidity is 80% :(
  8. last night it was 28c at Midnight, disgusting at least i got a sea breeze

  9. I miss AMGRulz - he became a police officer. I think he still is. Doesn't post on FB much anymore.
  10. whoa really

    didn't see that coming. Didn't seem like the kind of personality

    did he tell us that?

  11. He was always a C*nt so it fits perfectly

    What animal has its C*not in the middle of its back?

    A police horse.

    Amarite guys? Amarite?
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  12. 'Police'

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  13. This site is racist. It asks me to verify if I want to like a post for only a few members. It lets me like posts from other members unabated.
  14. A gay cop, I wonder how many gay cops there are
    I wonder if he is like the reno 911 guy, he didn't seem flamboyant though
  15. My employer moved to this Agile Scrum project management style for the development team. Apparently many software companies use it. That explains why so many new releases are buggy as ****.
    Basically you release code in chunks, which is great for making it seem like you're doing work. But it's shit for cohesion of the entire project.
  16. That sounds like ever computer game released in the last 5 years.

    Day 1 patch larger than the base game? Standard.
  17. Literally their belief is, "don't worry about what could break. Fix it if it does." It's fucking stupid because it's supposed to be quick because you release code in 2 week sprints, but realistically it's not. Because each little piece requires stupid user stories and grooming, which only happens once a week. Hopefully the CEO gets tired of the trend as he often does.
  18. I might like your posts but I still h8 U

    I finally got the little Ford


    and drove it to the Mediterranean with the family. In the best of situations I can't be arsed to type anything longer than two sentences on a phone, and the internet was a bit intermittent en route. The car is really nice for its class, the tiny 1,0 maxed out 210km/h (130 sheppeys per jiffy), sat quite happily at motorway speeds between 150-170 with the average consumption of driving like a c*nt being 7,1l/100 km (33,13 US furlongs per barrel). I drove 1700 km in a single day with a fking baby on board, couldn't have done that in a small hatch from 10 years ago, not without lots of amphetamines.

    Work is busy with the training for a new engine.

    The sprog's being potty trained so whenever I'm not at work I'm cleaning droppings like some kind of black person.

    Also I totally bought this and put it on my tool wagon to piss of those $#@%ing Germans:

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  19. We use Agile Scrum in the whole company. It works.
  20. I'm all for monitoring velocity and even breaking code into chunks, but it's fucking stupid to pigeon hole the devs with some stupid time box. It prevents changes that could add value to the current work just for the sake of not having roll over. It would have to be addressed in a new grooming session and added in during a new planning session. So, the change now takes an additional week to implement instead of a day or two.
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  22. why dont the germans like the wank poster
  23. Because they have no sense of humour?
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  24. Those are miles per hour and per US gallon. UK mpg is another thing.

    I'm just using silly unit names on purpose because I prefer standardised units.

    Consider the following scenario: a wind warning is given in m/s. The aviator and sailor measure their respective speeds in knots, the motorist in km/h or mph. Compared to a situation where only m/s were used, I don't see any benefits, only needless conversion and room for error.

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