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I leik this thread;

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  1. i know, i was jsut wondering about where you got Sheppey form because i was Born there
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  2. clobot is getting married again
  3. Americans, question...Is Papa Johns any good? One is opening up here next week.
  4. They opened here a couple of years ago and for a while, they were great. But then it wasn't consistent enough and the level dropped. Now that Wolt had entered the game with its delivery service, you can get way better pizzas delivered to you.
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  5. The problem is that they aren't that controlled. Not like McDonalds or wherever that have franchise wide supply chains. Each pizza place organizes their own suppliers for the most part. The franchises tend to just supply the recipes and leave it up to the franchise owner to figure out the rest. So one could be amazing where the one across town is absolutely terrible.
  6. Papa Johns is fine, worth trying at least. It'll never have anything on a good local pizza place though.
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  7. lol no but you might like it the owner got forced out for saying the N word on a conference call with the board
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  8. It was good 20 years ago. Then they went cheap on ingredients and their dough tastes old.
  9. Gonna try it, see if it's any good.

    We sometimes order Domino's, that's ok. I think that's American too right?
  10. I get 50% off Domino's through work.
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  11. My sister took her children to a pizza making workshop at Domino's and now they get a free garlic bread with each order, for life.
    While it's not the best pizza out there, their consistency and good service often make it a better experience than most other places.
    That is (or was), once more, until Wolt entered the scene.
  12. all that chain pizza is fine
    I only really eat it when i'm drunk and it gets the job done

    eating pizza sober is for fat people/big americans
  13. party paul/paul91785 is asking about amgrulzs dick pic
  14. Hahahaha! ****. There was a thread in MooSquad's forum where that shit went down.

    That, and over PM
  15. So I was looking for that old p996t video where he's in the Maserati and there's a TI song playing.

    Apparently, he's dead.
  16. t.i. or chordate?
  17. p996t/chordate
  18. The world is better off without people like him.
  19. whoa holy shit what, dead?

    life reputation score

    this is so wtf

    also wasn't amg's penis multi colored
  20. why do we hate p996t wasn't he just annoying richdadkid type? How many of those have we had
  21. Some Chordage stuff

    3366669d.jpg 3366652d.jpg sc (247).jpg sc (238).jpg
  22. MotoGP test opened our new national race circuit. No photos have made justice to how awesome the place looks even only half finished. It rained almost the whole day, so true speed and noise will have to wait for tomorrow. I have a ticket for tomorrow too, but Im unsure whether I have strength to ride there and back after long today.



    Photo of Mika Kallio riding the first outing ever on track with a MotoGP bike.
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  23. There was the whole porsche996turbo & 996911turbo meetup and subsequent rape allegation thing that was HUGE at the time

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