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  1. i put on my members only jacket

    california is dealing with pretty big wild fires though, and power outages that are related
  2. So your members only jacket caused the fire?
  3. Went to Portland last weekend and hung out with snub disphenoid. Was cool.
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  4. I enjoy his IG content
  5. I like how he has a black and white Jesus. It's good to have a selection for a diverse set of customers.
  6. Watched Zombieland 2. Loved the first one, loved this one.
  7. I'm watching PATRIOT on amazon. It's like if Wes Anderson made a movie written by the Coen bros about US intelligence operations

    Really good, really beautiful, really artsy, and funny in that coen brothers way
  8. We watch Jack Ryan now. It's pretty good. Just finished Succession, funny show.
  9. Currently in the process of buying a house. Fucking hell, so stressful. Viewed over 12 houses now and no luck. Some houses have 70 people bidding on it. Wtf man.
  10. End of the World season 2 is out. The first season was pretty good. Not bad for a British show. I just put the subtitles on.
  11. Waking up to rockets being fired at the city is an odd Israeli behavior.
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  12. Have a house built?
  13. Costs way too much. That's 250.000 for the land alone, then you need to build the house, which is probably another 150.000 if not more. Bank won't give that much mortgage.
  14. Did a bid today on a house again. We overbid the asking price by 15.000, we got overbid by 40.000. Ugh.
  15. do you have the issue of foreign money coming in and bidding it up? like in sf and toronto
  16. Dang, a lot of people don't want you living by them.
  17. Yep. Lots of expats in the region, not just that though, there's just not enough houses being build. And now the european union decided that we are a one of the dirtiest countries in the world and we need to decrease our polution. Result is that there are no houses/offices/roads etc. being build, because the government won't give a permit. Fucking shitshow.
  18. Watched Ford vs Ferrari last night. Sunny and warm story from when Le Mans was way simpler by layout than nowadays.

    A bit of a disappointment, the movie lacked rhythm like it was either written or directed a bit left handed. Road driving was hilariously unacceptable by today's standards, racing was filmed like in old films with complete disregard for realism.

    The movie also proves the rule that only winners are remembered. I had never heard of Ken Miles.

    Now Im thinking should I go see the 24h next summer. :)
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  19. Finally bought a house today. Turns out we bid only 500 more than the other bidder. Lol.
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  20. Congrats. What did you get?

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