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I leik this thread;

  1. Boobs

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  2. Balls

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  3. Butt

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  1. It's Liam Neeson

    He has a very particular set of skills.
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  2. lol thats weird
  3. Shit, maybe the cat I rescued is really his.
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  4. Nature truly is out to get you in Australia.
  5. We haven't had winter yet. It's one big autumn/fall
  6. very normal climate stuff

    didn't know austrlia had ski resorts


    Australia’s alpine resorts have dusted off winter snow-making machines to blast ice-cold water onto dry ski slopes as huge bush fires threaten to engulf the Snowy Mountains region.

    At Perisher, the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere, images from live cameras showed snow guns connected to long hoses funneling water instead of white powder.

    “We have been preparing the resort ahead of worse fire conditions,” the resort said in an emailed statement. “We are utilizing resort infrastructure including snowmaking to support fire authorities.”

    The tactic was also being deployed at the Thredbo Ski Resort, southeast of Australia’s highest peak, Mount Kosciuszko.

    “They have turned all the snow makers on, so that’s stopped the ember attacks,” Stephen Turner, owner of the Aneeki Ski Lodge in Thredbo, said by phone.
  7. someone made a globe thing that showed where everyone lives, does anyone have it still
  8. what do you guys think about mid engine corvette

    looks striking, yet some details seem very "american car"

    have yet to see one on road

    Seen a few supras. Not very interesting
  9. I hate the tail even more. It looks like a racecar off of some generic racing game. I do like the power and speed though.
    I too have seen the new Supra. Very meh.
  10. Yeah the proportions are quite weird. I'm not a fan of the styling. Japan does angular better than America. (see: NSX)
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  11. So does Italy. See Lambroghini
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  12. the base corvette will be 60k. 60k for a midengine v8 with near 500 hp! wow.

    For some reason, the mustang gt350 with that flatplane high revving v8 seems sexier
  13. Driving to Austin. My company set me up for a two day class to get my Product Owner certificate. Sucks because it's raining the whole way and there are so many spots I'd usually hit 100+ Freedoms/hour
  14. a lot of idiotsHEROS love to push 80 in the rain on a crowded bay area freeway

    are you more cowardly than a bay area libtard
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  15. 6th city on total lockdown in China. We're all gonna die. Kthxbye
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  16. Some people from Bioware are in this class.
    I need to ask why Mass Effect 3 sucked compared to the others.
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  18. Ford Ka
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  19. already got them
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