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  1. Yeah tbh I'm thinking as well that I could partially dismantle it by removing the left hand sub frame tube (#7) which may make it easier to get the bolt out and inspect it. If the bolt is bent they're only a few quid so it'll be no big deal.

    It's an old bike, but I don't think it's a particularly shit one! Like you and PGN1 have both said it does seem unlikely that the frame has bent at such a low speed. It couldn't have taken that much more impact than it would have had I just dropped it from vertical whilst standing still. The bar end and clutch lever did take a hit but the bars themselves aren't bent as far as I can tell and I'd have thought they'd be the first thing to go in a situation like this.
  2. Did you have the front parts loosened? Front axle, forks from triple clamp? Rear axle. Anything that can have done a miss alignment. If a frame attachment bolt is bent I would look carefully that there arent cracks anywhere.

    Bolts that may have never been opened on a bike can be a bit stuck. Maybe applying heat a bit. I have been instructed from friends to use Loctite 243 or similar to most places on bike. This also for them to be easier to open next time.

    Front engine bolts from my Suzuki, the left one is slightly bent, so I need maybe replace it and do that check for my frame too. Crash pads can save bits in a fall but also kill a frame if they clip badly to something on ground.

    The stator cover does not leak, but since it is only 2mm thick to begin with, maybe I need to shop a new one just to be sure. I should attach the next carbon shield better to it too.

    Im thinking of starting season today or tomorrow. Its sunny and nearly +10C. Need be careful, we still have lots of gravel on roads.

    DSC_9891.jpg DSC_9890.jpg
  3. I only tried the engine bolts, so I'll spend some more time today going round loosening everything else I can think of. Thanks again
  4. Virus officially in my little town of ~8,000 ultra Trumper rednecks who refuse to stop going to church.

  5. Add my name to the list
  6. you don't think jesus is all we need, especially against a democrat hoax
  7. This is going to hit the US hard.
    -Mostly private healthcare system ill-suited to counter a pandemic
    -Large population without access to proper healthcare
    -Large homeless population
    -Ignorance is bliss, it's just a flu. If someone dies, you can always blame the Chinese
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  8. Anyone wanna hang out?
  9. No, we've got Freedom Alt+0153
  10. Sure
  11. So far 76 cases in my city of 250.000. Not that bad.
  12. 71 here with 400,000 population. I win!
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  13. My neighbour just died from the Corona Virus, i know a dead hooker when I see one
  14. it's not called superBIKES.net

    JEEZ guys
  15. fkin should be
  16. How did you not mention our love of obesity and diabetes
    saw some stat in passing (could be bullshit) that a huge chunk of the serious cases are obese people (normal americans)
  17. RIP BG
  18. So Carona virus is body shaming?
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  19. It’s only the fat people diabetics with the problem thank you
  20. To make things more difficult, Passover is coming, which means a bunch of food restrictions, i.e no beer/whiskey, pasta, flour and a bunch of other stuff in the supermarkets.
  21. You guys went from 100k confirmed cases to 300k in a few days...
  22. Go hard or go home, breh!
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  23. So apparently Boris Johnson is now in intensive care due to a Covid-19 infection. I recall that a few weeks ago he was downplaying the effects of the virus, and decided not to take preventive measures because of "herd immunity".

    Oh the ironing.

    I hope that **** Bolsonaro is next
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  24. He's in the hospital that I was born in.

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