Damn americans

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  1. from what ive seen hennessy is actually good. the vipers are fast in a straight and around the track, lingenfelter and his vettes are even better, but they are just for people who spend alot of money on their car regardless if theyre showing off or not.
  2. lingenfelter would not tune a car with that much HP and forget about suspention etc, i only just got into hennessy so ill do some reserch, but i know lingenfelter, they do more than just the engine and, like ive said before, it would be rediculas to create a car like the 427 TT Lingenfelter and not have the handling to go with it.

    BTW, both the 427 TT Lingenfelter and the Hennessy Viper Venom 1000 TT would and do kick the crap out of any car that gets put beside them

  3. HOW THE F*CK is the U.S. not ready for it? ready for what? an overpriced version of a car that is barely distinguishable from its base car? Oh, and the part about North Americans not being able to handle the car is utter bull, if anything, Japs couldnt handle the cars here that arent full of electronic nannies like the GTR... its not even a drivers car.. a freakin 5 year old could launch it to 60 in less than 4 seconds if u spent a few minutes with them... holy ch*ist thats stupid..
  4. i dunno man the hennessy viper was the fastest car in forza lool
  5. whats a game got to do with anything, wait you play v'games
  6. To much power doesn't translate good on the track. Matter of fact that causes imbalance and makes track times slower. Do u have any track times from these cars?
  8. i would if they tested them then i could show you that they arent shit performers and prove myself right
  9. LOL you know, but you have no proofs
  10. i never said i didnt have any proof
  11. So you use religious logic?
  12. this has nothing to do with any thing here but how do you deleat threads that you start
  13. You caaaaaaant! It will never die, unless you get banninated.
  14. This is because they are demo cars that work only once to do a stait line pull, then they break and then they have to be fixed etc etc etc.
  15. the only reason why they would break is if they hit a semi or they crashed and you dont see corvettes or vipers that have been tuned by lingenfelter/hennessy falling apart now do you
  16. Scanning for a Banning bro.
  17. OMG! It makes total sense now. You've totally proved your point....if you were trying to prove that you're a complete moron.
  18. what are you talking about you american #$%# how am i a moron for stating facts about a car that is obviously better than any car that you would ever own
  19. you're the world's most massive troll.
  20. I wasn't going to waste my time responding to this, but the sad thing is I don't think you are trolling. I have yet to see you post any actual proven facts in this thread, so if you honestly think saying, "The only reason they would break is if they hit something." is a fact then you really truly are a moron. As for it being better than anything I will ever own. Well thats really a matter of opinion, and since my opinion on what is good is more important than yours, especially when it comes to what I OWN, then no.
  21. cars dont fall apart without reason jackass
  22. You forgot to add the part about the GT-R.
  23. The car falls apart because of to much power and the designer didn't use parts more strong to handle the power. Plus even if it could handle the power it would only be for a very short time. Hence breaking if over stressed.
  24. You're right they don't break down for no reason, but they do break when you put 1,000hp and 1,100ft/lbs of torque through the stock transmission it will only last so long. Thats a fact with any car. If you make monster power you have to look at all the aspects that the power will effect.

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