dawgs - pitbull ; for or against?

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  1. I'd rather try and stomp the shit out of an attacking pits skull than that of an aggressive German shepherd or Rottweiler or something that could sick balls of a standing human.
  2. I am not going to get too deep into this. But some of you may remember. I ran a pit bull rescue. I personally rehabilitated almost 300 pit bulls.
    They are extremely capable of doing damage if they attack. However pit bulls were specifically bread against human aggression. A pit bull that attacks a human was either not a true pit bull or was not properly trained and or abused.

    There are more than 8 breeds of dog that all get grouped into being called a "pit bull". So any news report calling an attacking dog a pit bull has to also be to an extent taken with a grain of salt.
    I've had people swear my mastiff was a pit bull. As with Veyronmans comments in another thread about a woman not being able to tell the difference between the two model year Yaris'. More people couldn't properly identify a dog breed if their lives depended on it.
    So banning the breed won't do shit. Most kennel clubs still don't even recognize the Pit Bull as a breed. So a ban would technicely be on pit bull like breeds. Which causes all sorts of problems in itself.
    There was a case in California where a man's two award winning show dog golden Labradors were taken and immeditately euthanized from inside a locked contained yard without notice to the owner. Because a dog control officer claimed they were pit bulls. They took his dogs just after noon. And by the time he got home at 6pm that night. Both his dogs were dead.
  3. Holy **** I refuse to believe there are people as retarded as that out there.
  4. When i think of someone who would own a pitbull on sc.net, you were the first that crossed my mind.
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  5. I'm all for pit bulls. My sister has 2 pits that are probably the most family dogs I've seen. Their loyalty to their owner is incredible.

    Plus we all need a fall guy whenever we want an annoying neighbors pet torn apart. Just sayin
  6. Yes. Except I don't own a pit bull. I own mastiffs. I rescued pit bulls and any other breed of dog that needed rehab. We just specialized in bully breed dogs.

    I always picture you as someone who owns a Bichon Frise that wears a knitted sweater. Named Snookums
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  7. Pitbulls are adorably stupid dogs. In saying that I'd rather a Boxer.
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  8. Never really encountered too many pitbulls.
    A LOT of staffies though. I'm guessing they're very similar, and if so, staffies are amazing dogs.
    I've had about 4 of them growing up, and they were all so great with kid and smart. Although very sooky. Much better than the fox terrier we once had...
  9. A Pit Bull is a highly selectively bred Staffie. Bred to be shorter and more agile. And bred to be dog aggressive without human aggression tendancies.
    The point of a pit bull was to fight other dogs without biting it's handler when they break up the fight. As the goAL was for the dogs to not actually get hurt. But to be able to heal and fight again.
    If a dog would bit a handler it would be culled. They also would make sure any dog that had human aggression would not be bred.
    However. Now a days. They are so poorly trained, badly bred, from poor stock, or not actually a pit bull.
    If it isn't a papered dog, you can't actually know if it's a true Pit Bull. It could have anything in it.
    A lot of people also dot realise. Once a ***** mates with a dog of any other breed they are ruined for life. They will never produce pure bred pups again. Female dogs can keep sperms for many many many years. So her next litters could have 9 pure bred pit pups and one lab pup. Or all the pups could be a mix. I don't fully understand how it works. But apparently they have some weird way their reproductive system works.

    Edit. There is also a chance that the reproductive part is bro science. But it's a constant conversation and dog shows and kennel clubs.
  10. Didn't read entire thread, voted for. People are well aware of what would happen to their beloved dog if it attacks someone. Can't remember the last time I heard about a pitbull causing any damage. There were some rottweiler attacks back when I was a kid and I remember this being an issue, but that's unheard of now too.
  12. In my country, all pitbull/rotweiller owners are registered to their police headquarters and you need to have an authorization to buy one because there have been too many agressions caused by these dogs. The muzzle is a mandatory requirement when you go out for a walk with them.
  13. Wow calm down Hemistage
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  14. Some statistics to add to the discussion.


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  15. And that's why they should be illegal
  16. you idiots are assuming causation
    this is completely about training and socialization of the dogs

    This should be obvious, its the same with people. People who are abused are more likely to go on to be abusive assholes, people who had good parenting typically become decent citizens. Culling a breed is stupid and simple minded and wouldnt fix a single thing

    like pretty much everyone has already mentioned, most of the dogs are great. its when shitty, irresponsible people own powerful dogs that problems are had

    I am in favor of laws making it much harder to own dogs. That would keep people away who buy dogs on a whim then neglect them, or people who buy them then abuse them.
  17. What the statistics of Drano don't show is HOW these incidents happen. Freak incidents happen everywhere and all the time with any type of dog. Shepherds can have crazy moments too and are kind of known for it they can suddenly spaz out once or twice in their lives. Anyway, my point's about that it doesn't show the cause of the incidents. I see Rottweilers being very high up in the list, as well as Shepherds and Dobermanns, which are typically owned as guard dogs and in thát role, I'd imagine any bodily harm is more than justified. Because they had it coming. Do police dogs count as well?

    I want to see how many of these dogs are owned as family buddy in these stats.
  18. the list is pretty much all dogs big enough to hurt a person. really simplistic stats, youd have to be a simpleton to think a ban would be a solution.

    someone look at # of car crashes per make and model and tell me what cars should be banned
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  19. Exactly! Audis aren't unsafe, it's the cocks that drive them
  20. It wouldn't be difficult to find some statistics that, if you applied this same logic to them, would make it look like it should be illegal to be black as well
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  21. i doubt hed argue with those stats either
  22. I'd say ban people that listen to rap music from owning them (or anything more dangerous than safety scissors) and problem solved.
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  23. Ethnic profiling by cops works this way
  24. There's a difference between profiling and making something illegal. I don't think most people would argue with TSA being more likely to random search a swarthy fellow wearing a turban than some 80 year old white lady but not allowing that swarthy fellow to buy a plane ticket is not acceptable.
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  25. Where are the stats from? I hope not Canada alone...

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