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  1. Those cars' functions are verbs, like
    prius: Save (environment/gas/etc)
    Excursion: Carry
    bug: Enable/revolutionize
  2. Lamborghini Gallardo: Burn
  3. but minivan: minivan huh. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  4. well..yeah of course.. I was more thinking of modern supercars..but the F40 and Countach (if you don't call that a hypercar) are of course supercars
  5. and when I think of an F40 I think it's better to call that a roadlegal racecar, not a supercar
  6. mid engined
    8 cylinders or over
    160 mph + top speed
    same price as a decent house
    expensive to run/insure/service
    makes people do a double take when you drive past them
  7. no 959?
    no front engined ferraris?
  8. No XJ220 either.
  9. Grand AM SE.
  10. And no GTR: good
  11. Extreme in price, performance, desirability, exclusivity, construction and materials. Loved and sometimes even hated. Sometimes are a manufacturing profit loss but are made anyway to make a statement.
  12. No.
  13. The exception that proves the rule.

    If you read the first post again, you will see CitroenSM asks what in *your mind* is the definition of/defines a supercar?

    this is what defines a supercar, in my mind.
  14. have a word with yourself! You're being too ruthless
  15. This is the definition of a supercars from manufactures standpoint.
    "There are three requirements for a supercar,". it must weigh four kilograms [8.8 pounds] or less per horsepower-our ratio is 3.6 kilograms. Two, it must have 300-kph [186-mph] capability on public roads. And, three, it must be able to circle the Nrburgring Nordschleife in less than eight minutes."

  16. you're a #$%#ing genius

    EDIT: oh wait, no you're not
  17. lol
  18. lamborghini miura? the original supercar?
  19. A supercar is a car that makes people go OH HOLY SHIT in stock form, worldwide.
    Closest shot yet?
  20. As long as a car follow the same basic design concept as this car, it would be a proper supercar.

    A proper supercar doesn't have to be ultra light and devoid of luxury like this car, and doesn't have to sound as good as this car; but a proper supercar does need to have 3 essential ingredients this car has in abundance: exceptionally high power to weight ratio, outstanding handling, and above all else exotic and timeless looks.
  21. F40: the ultimate supercar

    If "supercar" were in the dictionary, there would be a picture of the F40 next to it.
  22. As per my opinion, a super car is something that resembles to a luxurious car like Mercedes and equipped with a flying gear. Actually, here in mumbai traffic is a major issue, so i think that a flying gear would a perfect solution.
  23. well thats probably the worst description so far..
  24. which is probably why he put "As per my opinion" at the beginning
  25. It's a car... That's super!

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