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  1. Agreed, it has to have the performance to back it up though.
  2. you guys are differentiating several different categories.

    there is supercar, hypercar, super exotics etc. this is just for supercar, in that fact, my definition is the correct one as its used by manufactures.
  3. the definition is a car that is rediculously fast, exclusive, and expensive. something only the top 5% can afford (originally) leaving the rest of us with posters or models of it.
  4. a supercar is a car that is one model only(no spyders, other engine choices etc.) with raw acceleration(0-60 below 4 seconds), impressive sound, over the top looks and a hugeass pricetag.
  5. "hypercar" and "super exotic" are terms that have just been coined in recent years as the upper echelons of the "supercar" leagues have gotten more extreme in performance, cost, and rarity

    A Ferrari Enzo is a supercar. you can call it a "hypercar" to distinguish it from another supercar like a 599, but that's all it means.
  6. the batmobile
  7. Supercars: LP670SV, Enzo, Zonda...etc
    Hypercars: Koenigsegg
  8. The original supercar didn't have a 0-60 of under 4 seconds.
  9. lol you're such a twat.
  10. To me the 599 is more of a super GT than a supercar. I have seen it in real life. It's a great looking car, but doesn't have the exotic look of mid-engine cars like Gallardo and Ford GT.
  11. I would say as far as production numbers, if you refer to the car as a blablablamake blablablamodle #XXX then it is good.
  12. My definition, with plenty of exceptions i am sure

    200+ mph top speed
    0-60mph in under 4 seconds
    build after 1990
    designed to be fast on the track
    two seats
    rear wheel drive (or four)
    luxury is not a concern or at least and afterthought
    designed to be the pinnacle of automotive technology/speed
    exterior to stand out and be functional
  13. Why is the Koenigegg more "hyper" than other high performance cars?
  14. hmmm that's true yeah. well let's put it this way then: it has to be really really freaking fast, for it's day.
  16. correct... it's all relative to the time in which the car came out.

    in 1975 400hp was enough to win you the F1 world championship. nowadays it's not enough to get a fat american to the McDonalds drive-thru
  17. should have seen this coming....
  18. In my opinion:
    Supercars: 959, F40, XJ220, McLaren F1, Murcielago, CGT, Veyron, Zonda, etc.
    Hypercars: Dauer 962 LM, McLaren F1 LM, Monteverdi 650 F1, TVR Speed 12, Caparo T1.
  19. because K'segg takes performance and exclusivity to a new level, especially with their latest creation.
  20. because K'segg takes performance and exclusivity to a new level, especially with their latest creation.
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  22. There's a 30 day trial followed by a test in order for you to be certified.
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