Describe your penis

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  1. weapon of mass destruction
  2. willie wonka's giant lollystick
  3. careful, wheeltroll is policing this thread
  4. The Suicide Club
  5. Romeo is bleeding

  6. Gerber Mark
  7. Has Raging Bull been taken?
  8. yep
  9. Lockstock and two smoking barrels
  10. Airplane!

    From Jusin to Kelly


    Spirited Away

    Saving Private Ryan

    Some Like it Hot

    The Bridge on the River Kwai


    How to train your Dragon

    A streetcar named Desire


    Monsters Inc
  11. Stuart Little
  12. Honey I shrunk the kids
  13. The Little Mermaid
  14. 3:10 to Yuma

    beause that's the longest i can go
  15. For Your Eyes Only
  16. ban request
  17. Megashark vs Giant Octopus
  18. Get shorty
  19. LUCKY

    my best is 1:15 at that was at a throbbing raging 2.9 inches
  20. Haha
  21. Was gonna say Titanic...
  22. even in theory that's unlikely
  23. Think about 1:18 model cars and you performance will increase 100%, or about 2 minutes total

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