Didn't this have a design flaw?

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  1. I remember reading somewhere that it had a design flaw.
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    Yes, the engine was placed far too high in the chasis resulting in, and I quote from someone whom actually drove it, "...The worst handling supercar..." - Jeremy Clarkson. I have to say after I watched him drive other cars then this one, it absoulutly has to be the worst handling car. He lost control in a straight line at less than 150 however the topspeed is definatly wrong. the very few ppl whom raced it said it reached 215mph. I don't know tho, it must have been hell keeping it at that speed.
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    yeah it did like the person before me said. it was overlooked by Jaguar. and yes you are right it can do more than 297kp/h. another thing i found surprising was that the Ferrari F50 is a mechanical failure. i can`t remember exaclty why but the way it was built doesn`t make sense i remember one driver saying the nose is to long making it very difficult to judge. but its an extremely good handling car so I dont know why they complain
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    f50 long nose? it doesnt look it bt o wel...
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    The worst handling car?? It won Le mans lol.
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    nope, you're thinking of the xjr11/xjr12. diff car.
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    XJR-15 s/n 011 was one of a package of six XJR-15s sold by Neil Smith, XK Engineering, Swallow House, Coventry, England to a Japanese collector at $1,000,000 each and was driven in the race series by Bob Wollek. Mr. Wollek was a well respected and accomplished driver including a win at Le Mans in 2000

    The race results in this car were:

    1991, 12 May, Monaco, 6th place
    1991, 14 July, Silverstone, England, 2nd place
    1991, 25 August, Spa, Belgium, 5th place

    the car was suppose to be a strong contender for LeMans.
  9. thrid best car in nfs 3
  10. The car has no design flaws on the handling! Is just the same as the XJR6/8/9/12 with well documented wins all over the world and 4 noteable 24Hr victories.
    As for the engine being mounted too high, this is not really correct either as it has the same magnesium dry sump as the race cars at the same level to the bottom of the chassis. What the problem really is is that the 15 was jacked up to allow it to run on the road which distroyed the suspension set up and raised the engine (raised everything!)To make matters worse this ruins the airflow under the car to the diffuser and the styalised rear wing gives little assistance. Now when you lower the car back down and give it a real rear wing it handles again as Brian Wingfields car has shown in the historic Group C race series.
    This wasn't the end of the XJR's story for it was revanped and got 4 of the top 10 places at Le Mans in 1998!
    They called it a Nissan R390
    Regards from my XJR15 workshop, Don

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