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  1. My parents are thinking of getting me a digital camera for my 21st birthday. I wrote down a bunch of ideas, but nothing too specific. They found a Kodak EasyShare Z530 on sale for pretty cheap, $90 off, for a price of $140. I'm not sure of all of the details, but it's about what I'm looking for. It's 5 megapixels, 2.5" LCD screen, etc.

    The camera I have now is a 1.5 megapixel, 7 year old Fujifulm MX-600ZOOM, so I'm not looking for anything spectacular. I'm not into photography, just something for everyday use.

    Any knowledge of this camera? Any suggestions for something similar? Thanks in advance.
  2. *insert ferrarista fanboy comment about kodak here*
  3. Yes, I'm totally expecting stupid fanboys to come in here and talk about stupid shit, but I'll just ignore them. I'm looking for something simple that will be a good deal.
  4. Canon A530.

    EDIT: or get the A520 its quite a bit cheaper now since they just replaced it with the 530. Not that much of a difference either.
  5. not sure of any specific model, but I will choose something from Canon.
  6. I agree. The Canon's in this price range ( the powershot A series) are hard to beat. Great build and image quality.
  7. yeah cause he wouldnt want advice from someone who actually works for the damn company, dickhead.
  8. So what advice do you have?
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    The other week my mum bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX8. I went along with her to the local camera store to see what was out there at the moment, and it's a fantastic camera. The lens for a P&S is sublime. As far as point and shoot cameras go, and if you don't need a huge amount in the way of manual control, it's probably the best camera on the market in it's price range. Although it's about $250 USD, which may be more than you want to pay.
  10. Kodak z740. 5 megapixel, 10x zoome, completely user friendly and easy. i sell those the most in our store.
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    That looks pretty good. That was about what they wanted to pay, but because the one I mentioned in the first post went on sale, I think they may go with that. I'll send them this link though. Thanks.
  12. Canon powershot A520. I was using one just today. Great picture quality, easy to use, basic manual functions. This is the camera you should buy.
  13. Mum took this photo the other weekend away in another city. She knows basically zero about cameras other than zoom and the shutter button. I was very impressed with the quality. The lens has fantastic contrast.

    2-100% crop
  14. thats pretty sharp...
  15. Nothing in photoshop bar resizing, either. Leica know how to design lenses.
  16. Not getting the A520 is probably sin.
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    I actually helped a friend pick out the Pana FX9 when we were in Japan. But the price was quite steep. About $350 US. I haven't seen the pictures she has taken, but from what she has told me, it has more functions that she could ever use.
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    whoa that may be my next camera, after a Holga
  20. You really believe Leica has anything to do with that lens? lol

    Anyway, Z530 doesnt exist.

    If its the C530 then DONT get it
    If its the Z730 then get it.
  21. Mmmmm Holga. But I need either a decent MF camera (my lens is garbage), or a 35mm first.
  22. Leica obviously have envolvement in it. I never said they made it. Do you really think Panasonic designed/made a lens and just stuck 'Leica' on the lens for shits and giggles? lol
  23. Yes, lol

    Lieca is going bankrupt, lol

    Its all naming rights, nothing more. If leica had anything to do with that lens the camera would be worth 3x more. Its already got a $200 premium because they decided to chuck OIS in a 3x camera, they arent stupid enough to also go down the route of putting anything remotely Leica on it.
  24. Leica AG is owned by Panasonic.
    much in the same way that Proton owns Lotus...

    but does a Gen2 have a lotus underneath???
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    Not to my knowledge it doesnt (Panasonic owning Leica)

    Anyway, they are in shit. This is because they dont get paid 'per camera' if it were a true partnership like Chris is on about, all Panasonic did was buy the naming rights.

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