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Discussion in '1995 Lamborghini Diablo SE30' started by Christianmc, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I know of a test from Autocar for the Diablo SE30 and they tested:

    0-60 mph: 4.2 seconds
    0-100 mph: 9.3 seconds

    But I think it is a little faster, and I will say why. Autocar's form of aceleration is that they let go of the clutch and then accelerate, which makes it harder to lose traction. That is good for less powerful cars like 360 Modena, F355, Porsche GT3, etc, because those cars do not have enough excess power to be faster if they lose traction. The point where you give enough power to lose traction you also loose some acceleration. But if the car is powerful enough, at full acceleration the tires can move so fast that you can make up for the lossed traction. Autocar had good results for their 360 Modena because their form of acceleration was good for it. But that form of acceleration is not the best for cars like the Countach, Diablo, etc. They have enough excess power to make up for lossed traction and more.So the best form of acceleration for these cars is to raise the engine to high rpm (5000 or 6000) and then let go of the clutch. That way the car can reach peak power quickly, and more than makes up for lossed traction. See here for example:


    So I am calculating (with some help) that with that form of acceleration (which is advantageous only to more powerful cars), the Diablo SE30 will do:

    0-60 mph: 4.0 seconds
    0-100 mph: 8.9 seconds
    1/4 mile: 12.1 seconds

    Are there any tests for this car that shows this to be true (or false)? I don't have any tests for the SE30 besides the Autocar one, and even that I do not have the full test. Any help would appreciate very much! Thank you!
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    I can't help you, but I'm quite sure the SE30 can do 0-60 mpg in at least 4 flat, considering it's weight, power and torque.<!-- Signature -->
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    Quattroruote tests SE30, but I have lose that road test!!
    I only remember:
    331 Kmh
    0-100 Kmh 4.6s
    1 Km standing 21.6s (but I'm not sur about it...)

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    My favorite car of all time...that's all I have to say.
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    what site did you get your picture from?
  6. When Speed Channel was known as Speedvision, they used to air Motorvision and on one particular episode they tested this and to have launched it from 5650rpm (within your projected range), to the tune of a 0-62mph of 4.1sec., and the 1/4 mile in 12.2sec. @ 109.4mph, and could top out at around 204-206mph. Though, I could be wrong here I'm just not sure anymore.

    Regardless of that, its one of MANY reasons why this is my secret "dream machine," since I was about 4 or 5 years old. Too bad the Murcielago just doesn't quite perform beyond this machines limits. Lets hope its successor is far better than it, to officially reclaim my heart again.

    Please take no offense in my opinion/conjecture on the subject of the Murcielago, Murcielago fans/enthusiasts on sc.net.

    Sam Cool

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