Do drugs make you smarter?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Hendrix, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. What you think?
  2. nope, what it is you think you're gaining, was already in your head before
  3. No, but that doesn't mean people who do them are dumb either.
  4. I get more concentrated when I smoke pot.
  5. No, and I won't do them, but I don't mind if others do, as long as it doesn't affect me.
  6. IgolF40GTE is far from stupid. But it likely doesn't help.
  7. Once a junkie always a junkie. Drugs don't help.
  9. 426Hemistage8 always flashes this screen on bootup.
  10. what does that have to do with being smart or not?

    anyway, when drugged you THINK you're smarter. but in reality you're not.
  11. They don't make you smarter, but I believe marijuana in moderation makes you think about things a bit differently.
  12. Drugs make you believe you are stronger and probably more clever but they can lead to some serious troubles as well as dangerous behaviour from the individual who uses (and even abuses of) them. He doesn't evaluate the impact of these drugs on his behaviour which shows him as an irresponsible person. As you said it before you aren't smarter with drugs, on that I agree.
  13. They definitely don't make you smarter, however some drugs make you dumber and slower.
  14. yes to a point
  15. If you need drugs to be creative/concentrate you're pathetic... unless there is some sort of medical condition that requires them, in which case, you are not so much. I would probably still laugh at you, though.
  16. They give you first-hand experience therefore they can make you smarter. But abusing them will lead to stupidity.
  17. I don't think he means "while on drugs, are you smarter". He means, if you regularily smoke pot twice a week, do you get smarter than not smoking pot at all.
  18. In some ways they do. I understand most concepts better, especially philosophical ones. I also analyze everything, and do well in that part of english. However, it makes me poor at expressing myself... things make sense but then I will have trouble explaining it in words. I also forget my vocabulary while a stoner.

    I don't smoke pot much anymore, and to be honest, I liked how I thought while a constant pot smoker much better.
  19. I doubt it has any noticable effect.
  20. did you just watch road trip?
  21. Thank you, i should have clearified that a little better, but thats exactly what i meant.

    i've found that to an extent the expireince of certain drugs opens you to different perspectives and states of mind you couldnt achieve sober. drugs also mature people and give you a more adult outlook on everything. your obviously not going to be smater while under the influence but afterwards, the analitical side of human intelligence grows indefinantly. In this world with the massive amount of different ways to store information, the memory loss from drug use is becomming less of a burden on every day life.
  22. There are totally plenty that dont make you smarter, but there are some that open up a couple windows of creativity or thought as well. But no, drugs dont make you smarter
  23. yes very good
  24. I wonder how many members came on here and voted "no" who hadn't ever done drugs.
  25. It adds up to life experience, so yeah, that includes smarter, except for if you're stupid enough to be addicted to them. Or maybe stupid is the wrong word, weak might be it.

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