Do manuals or autos aid engine life?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FerrariKing, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. im just wondering if any tests have been done to work out if manuals or autos aid engine life...?

    not for any reason.. but just interested.
  2. Neither in theory. Transmissions rarely help or hurt engine life. Engines can break transmissiosn, however.

    Actually, poor drivers are more liklely to hurt theri engine by not being able to drive a stick well. Lugging the engine can cause it to die earlier, overrevving by missing shifts or leaving it in gear too long can hurt the enigne, letting the clutch out too fast can hurt the enigne (though it's more likely to hurt the rest of the drivetrain). Automatics almost never let any of those situations happen unless they are broken themselves.
  3. why should a transmission hurt an engine, although an automatic usually helps prevent bad drivers from hurting the engine. My old Accounting lecturer was so cheap, he bought a replacement tranny from a Driving School instructer for 50 bucks, it may have been worse than the one he personally wrecked, but it was funny.
  4. exactly what i was going to say. the only way a transmission is going to hurt an engine is by lugging/overrevving, but it is the operator more than anything.
  5. Wouldn't the slight bit of extra torque that is given through an auto tranny help avoid engine wear to a point because of less need to rev it?
    if that sounded retarded it would be because im hungover...
  6. i thought automatics have slightly less power than sticks?

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