Do NOT like that grille!!

Discussion in '2005 Volkswagen Golf GTI' started by Carrera26, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. This is not an Audi! And it shouldn't act like it is trying to be one either... The GTI should have more of it's own induviual flavor instead of trying to be a little cousin to the A3, which is what it's styling seems to convey to me.
    I am glad that they are trying to sharpen it up. My VR6 GTI is definitely luxurious and fun, but I am always wishing it had a slightly sportier edge to it...
  2. Quite simply, there is too much black up front, it cheapens the front end and cuts off the front end's flow
  3. It's just a matter of personal opinion. Actually, I like it. That way, you can differentiate ordinary Golfs from GTIs quite easily. It looks good, really.
  4. it's trying to have the new VW family look, seen on the concept R...a curved look to the bottom of the bonnet, reminiscent of the original Beetle!!! personally, i like it!!!
  5. Ya man it makes it look better
  6. i personally like the looks of the grill, but i do agree with Carrera26, it looks too much like the audi
  7. It's not the grill that annoys me it's that fake egg-crate on the fog-light housing. I hate fake ANYTHING! If they wanted a damn vent there then MAKE IT! Don't go "well it kinda looks like it". NO IT DOESN'T! It looks stupid and they aren't fooling anyone over the age of 3.
  8. I love the front! So much more distinguished than the last one! Yeah, the plastic panels may be a bit over-the-top, but its not that bad.
  9. Personally, i also like the front end, although the front-on picture doesn't do it justice! I also reckon that the car looks better in black, it helps hind the plastic look to it! Now, i'm just waiting for news on the rumoured 230hp stripped out version VW's CEO hinted at!

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