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  1. La Croix? It's seltzer water so yeah, love hate kinda thing. I'm totally jazzed about that fact that it has nothing in it. No sugar or caffeine, or phosphoric or citric acids, or even sodium. The flavors are just enough to make me think I'm not drinking straight up soda water. It's not really refreshing, but I kinda enjoy drinking it.
  2. Is that like lemon-lime perrier ? That's pretty decent
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  3. No i use an iv drip
  4. I used to like sanpellegrino. Until I realized it's just regular soda/pop.
  5. Here the new trend is to offer sparkling water instead of tap, as if our tap is water isnt good enough

  6. I still get cans of that sometimes, refreshing
  7. The blood orange flavoured one is awesome. But it's literally no better than a can of Coke or Pepsi.
  8. Objectively I can only agree, but it provides for the necessary variety in lemonades I crave for. Currently on a pear juice binge.
  9. I am a pop/soda addict. I could very easily polish off a 12 pack of Pepsi in an evening.
    So I avoid all pop/soda like the plague. I was hoping sanpellegrino was just a moderately flavoured soda water or something. Something I could substitute my pop cravings with. But it really is just Pop and has just as much sugar and calories.
  10. Holy shit
  11. Drinking La Croix is pretty gay, but I do it regularly for the same reasons you listed
  12. About which part?
  13. 12 pack of soda. I usually get a headach after a can of soda because of the sugar rush
  14. There is a lemon-lime one, but there are all kinda of flavors. Apple cranberry is my fave at the moment, but apricot is good too. "Berry" is another I'm fond of, peach pear, etc. I was off soda for a long time, and generally don't enjoy drinking calories. I did diet for a while, ended up stopping altogether after my dentist warned me about the acids in many sodas. I think they usually only use the acids for the crispness and bite, and the la croix seems to have plenty of that on its own.

  15. What. 12 pack? Is that 12 cans? HOW

    You must be diabetic.
  16. I like to make a concentrate of ginger, lemon and a tad of lemongrass, then mix it with water and carbonate.

    A few drops of this goes really well with a whisky sour too.
  17. I just realized that you sound like the pre-stalinist Seabee.
  18. Ah, that's what La Croix is. I always thought it was some pleb brand soda. I used to drink tons of soda. But due to losing weight and not wanting to completely destroyed my teeth, I only have soda 3 or 4 times a month. Typically if I'm eating steak. Root beer is my weakness though. There is a store here with about 30 brands of root beer.
  19. Why not a sazerac or a rusty nail instead?
  20. Because I only drink alcohol in copious amounts when I'm out hanging with friends. I don't really drink alcohol while eating.
  21. I'm not saying I enjoy it. It makes me feel like shit.
    I'm just saying I have done it. I start drinking them and all of a sudden a few hours later the case is empty. Especially if I am adding rhum.
  22. I actually have an excellent pancreas and insulan system, hence why I can drink so much pop without going mental or going into a coma when the sugar leaves my system.
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  23. It had recently occured to me that humanity has gotten to a point where some of us can allow themselves to not like water. That's like a whole new twist of evolution.
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  24. So you're like Seabee then.
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