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  1. Gas Gas Gas!
    I'm gonna step on the Gas!
    Tonight I'll Fly, and be your lover!

    Really though, I just bought that exact car. It's call a Rossion Q1, it's a 475ish hp Noble M400 with a proper interior and adjustable road suspension. I've been told it does 0-60 in 3.1, and close to an 11 flat 1/4. Here's the original listing

    I need to take a day off work in the next week or so to pick it up, and in about 3 weeks I present it to my wife for her b-day. She has no idea. I think she's either gonna love it or divorce me.
  2. Sweet, I guess. Never heard of them, though. It has a generic Gran Theft Auto look, more than the M400, but looks is for pussies. It's a sportscar and it has shitloads of power to weight ratio, and that's what matters.

    But you said you passed an Alfa Romeo because of reliability concerns, and yet decided to buy a kit car from an unknown small manufacturer?
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  3. Eh Noble has been around for a while. And the car is fucking awesome.
    Post penny pic or car is fake.
  4. the noble m12 is a known quantity
    the ford duratec is definitely a known quantity. This car is very proven, even it's new American stewards were previously the US distributor for noble. And it's barely a kit car. they are classified that way for legal reasons mostly, I don't think a single one was sold that wasn't a turn key car.
  5. I doubt you fit in that car
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  6. That's an interesting purchase. Congrats.
    Is it expensive?
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  7. Noble has been around for a while. This car is not assembled by them. Your logic is the same as someone who buys a replica and says that it has the same building standards of the original cars -- it could be better, it could worse, or it could be the same; but it's not certain that it will be the same just based on the fact that it is somewhat the same project as the original (they changed the suspension and the interior and god knows what else).

    I'm not hating. I don't know the car, so I have no reason for hating or loving it. It actually seems pretty awesome, even though it would not be my choice. I'm just noting that csl wanted something reliable, and when you think reliable you don't imagine a small local company with no tradition, you think of one of the giant global manufacturers who have been around for a century with a strong supply of parts and support.
  8. This is pretty damn awesome tbh

    If it's set up exactly as the Nobles were, then it should be one of the best handling cars ever. Supposedly, they're epic.
  9. it's okay, I can see you simply just didn't look into it very much. The car is still built by south Africans in the same work shop as the noble. The body was tweeked to keep the running temp cooler (nobles ran warm and you could feel it in the cabin. This was normal, but less comfortable).

    The interior got such radical and unreliable upgrades such as power windows and air conditioning. Everything here was properly sorted out based on rossion having imported the m12 for years prior to buying the rights to build it themselves for the American market and knowing what American customers preferences/complaints were with the m12
  10. same geometry, new koni dampers. The story goes that Rossion was issued a cease and desist from the state of florida for using motorway on-ramps as testing grounds.
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  11. mrdink.jpg
  12. They're pretty much Nobles with body and interior upgrades. But I agree, it's probably reliable compared to other low volume niche car makers, but it's not a Camry.
  13. congrats
    did your wife ask for a kit car for her birthday?
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  14. Looks like a car a fUcking simian would drive
  15. looks like a car your sim would drive when it reaches the top tier of its career
  16. my wife never asks for anything. She's about the most selfless person i know. Nothing on b days. Nothing on Christmas. The occasional foot rub and good night kiss and she's set.
  17. what can i say, I'm blessed
  18. Are you going to do any Autocross/Trackdays/etc or keep it as a toy for fast road driving?
  19. according to my insurance policy, I'm not ;)
    besides, I'm a whole three hours away from Road America. It would take days to get there.
  20. how much time does your wife typically spend on the track per year
  21. Not how I would spend that kind of cash (based on the asking price of that listing anyway) but should be pretty sweet if you get out and use it as intended.
  22. why this over a 911

    congrats, I am happy for you and create your own M5 wannabe thread to post about stuff
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    As soon as I saw this I went to Ebay and saw really nice 997 Turbos are now in the $70k range.
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  24. if? and if i don't? I don't have to track or even drive this car a single day to enjoy it. In fact, I'm enjoying your guys reaction to it alone more than I thought I would.
  25. Or a C7 z06
    Or a 2010 R8
    Or a GTR

    They were all one the final short list. It was the Noble I saw in it. The moment I saw it, I felt 14 years old, browsing the net for pics of my favorite cars. That feeling is why I started the search for a new sports car and, while digging through the data and looking at inventories and contemplating timing and blah blah blah, that core idea, that feeling got lost.

    There was a time when I was SURE I was gonna buy a C7 Z06, I didn't feel a damn thing for the car, but on paper it made the most sense. Then when I started to use my head a little more I thought the Vette had poor quality and that the violent acceleration of it was over-emphasized, maybe even reckless (I passed over Vipers for just this reason).

    So I moved onto the R8, which I was SURE I was gonna buy, but I had a hard time getting excited over because it seemed too expensive to be so.. dull! I couldn't tell people it was a lambo, no one was going to buy that, My wife wouldn't buy that, I couldn't even buy that. It looks like a TT and I could buy a fresh new TTRS and be sure my wife wouldn't know a shade of difference. This is a car I'd be spending 600 dollars a year on oil changes on, that isn't going to be a healthy relationship.

    So I moved onto the GTR or 911t or whatever it was, which I was SURE I was gonna buy, but at this point, I was a mess. I had no goals, I was perhaps just middling through, caring less and less about picking the right car and looking out for how to not pick the wrong car.

    Then then it hit me. My Drakkar Noir drenched teenage edginess I lost through nearly two decades of adulting. It took the shape of a black on black on black Noble with 35% tinted windows. It didn't need to make a lick of sense, but it helped that it was only slower than the Z06 on my shortlist. It helped that it didn't need optional extras just to barely make it into the supercar club like the R8. It helped that it never once flirted with the idea of SMG gearboxes or even anti-lock brakes like the GTR or 911t. It helped that it doesn't smell like roast of epoxy inside of it like a tuned car might.

    That all helped, but none of it mattered. All that matter was that feeling, the chance to have it again, to share it with someone I love. And when I'm old I can look back with mild dementia and say we were always together. since the day we were born, we grew together, never a moment apart.

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