Do you smoke pot?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AntiPimpage, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. i dont like smoking but i def would eat the brownies
  2. bout once or twice a week.

    Would also be interesting to ask people if they do other drugs, or what other drugs they've done before.
  3. The only thing unhealthy about smoking is that you're breathing in burned up plant matter...

    if you remove the plant matter the unhealthiness is trivialized.
  5. but really i smoke weed erryday

    dont give a ****
  6. I got some really good kush right now
  8. All the time.
  9. Last time I smoked was a year ago or so..though, i'm in so much pressure and anxious the last two months that I feel the need to smoke a little bit with a friend..relax, forget about everything etc
  10. So basically what you're saying is that smoking is perfectly healthy as long as you're not actually SMOKING. Brilliant!
  11. hence the vaporizer.
  12. Nah, that's not removing the plant matter.
  13. why don't you just say you don't want to smoke weed and have no way to find any. smoking once in a while isn't gonna hurt your lungs, and vaporizing is even safer.
  14. Yeah it does. THC and other active chemicals are oils (or turn into oils when heated only slightly above room temperature). When placed in a partial vacuum like in a vaporizer, Le Chatelier's principle dictates a shift towards the vapor phase, making boiling at low temperatures very easy. Temperatures are far too low for combustion to occur, and as tars and harmful gases (carbon oxides, for example) are only given off in combustion, they are not consumed (or in negligible quantities).
  15. No, I don't because it not only ruins your braincells but it gives you a reputation of a #$%#ing junkie, just look at jeezus.
  16. No oil in lungs, thanks.
  17. I smoke pot from time to time and I'm not a junkie <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  18. They're vapors when they reach your lungs and are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, so no 'oils' stay in your lungs. At which point they're either dissolved, or actively interacting with the central nervous system. It's no worse for you than a beer.

  19. God young ppl suck now, go out and do some drugs and have some fun get in a fist fight and die with some scars.
  20. I was not talking about very occasional smokers but about daily or regular smokers, sorry for having not mentionned it in my previous post.
  21. wtf does amg need lungs for anyways, he sits in his basement and tries to memorize his multiplication tables
  22. he some kind of health nut or something

    michael phelps smokes weed
  23. I'd probably smoke a lot more if I didn't live at home honestly.
  24. Right, so a vaporiser is like smoking without actually smoking.
  25. No, I've never smoked pot. If it was legal I still wouldn't. I don't want the smoke in my lungs, don't like the smell, don't need an expensive vice, etc.

    As for other people smoking it, I really don't care what they choose to do. But I tend to disassociate myself from people who make a habit of smoking pot. Both because I don't want to be pulled over with them in the car/screwed in any way because of their usage, and because people who use illicit drugs tend take unnecessary risks and constantly get on my nerves with their beliefs/way of life.

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