Dodge Neon SRT-4

Discussion in '1966 Dodge D/Dart Super Stock' started by probsty, Aug 9, 2002.

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    neons are cool
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  2. What do you think of the neon srt 4? <!-- Signature -->
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    I think the neon is a cool little car, I don't really like the gay wing on the back though.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think they are trick. Its a bigger I4 (2.4 litres) with a turbo. It should rip. I just wish it wasn't FWD.<!-- Signature -->
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    Actually, on it says this Neon is RWD. <!-- Signature -->
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    hey probsty im' canadian too.
    but if you think you are a psycho canadian you don't know canadian kids very. and neons are grocer getters so run and save yourself as someone else here said.<!-- Signature -->
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    How much of a difference would the performace of the car be from 0-60 if you had only 1 person in the car or 4 people in the car.....because on they say the only reason they didnt add a subwoofer to their sound system was to reduce the weight by 20lbs? So 1 person= atleast 150lbs 4 persons= 600lbs....
    any ideas?
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    If you have a Neon R/T weighing in at 2925 lb (with a 175 lb driver)and you run 16.2 in the 1/4 mile (like the 2002 model in R&T) and you add 525 lb, your new 1/4 mile will be about 17.1. The extra wieght will make the car 5-6% slower in acceleration.

    7.9 0-60 w/ driver

    8.3 0-60 w/ driver and 3 passengers<!-- Signature -->

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